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World Tour Advice invites you to relish the best tours in Egypt, Do you want to spend a stunning vacation in Egypt, Here We offer you a simple map of all Egypt Tours. Egypt is a country which is very rich in history, monuments, tours and things to do, The capital is Cairo, is located on the river Nile, Cairo is one of most famous cities for Egypt tours in all the world, as if you stay there about 2 days or three, it will give you a chance to discover more in Egypt, Enjoy Egypt tours to Giza pyramids, Tours to Saqqara and Dahshur pyramids, World Tour Advice team organize daily guided tours to scout the Egyptian pyramids located on the western Side of Cairo. So What Egypt Tours offer on the Eastern side of Cairo, There are many things to see such as The Egyptian museum in Tahrir square, The Islamic museum, The Coptic museum, Then Old Coptic Cairo & the hanging church, the ruins of Babilion fortress, the crypt of the Holy family, Egypt tours in Cairo eastern part offers also Tour to the citadel of Saldin, tour to mosques such as Mohammed Aly mosque, Sultan Hassan mosque, Rifaii mosque, Walking tours in Muizz street or in Al Azhar park gardens.
To the north of Cairo is located the second Egyptian capital ( Alexandria), Egypt tours with World Tour Advice offer you daily tours to scout Alexandria, our tours to Alexandria are starting either from Cairo hotels or airport or from Alexandria hotels, boats or port.
Egypt tours to visit Alexandria enable tourists to have idea about Greek Roman history and monuments in Egypt, We will make a great guided tour to Qaitbye fortress, Muntazah palaces and gardens, Alexandria library, Pompey's pillar, and Kom El Shoqafa catacombs.
To the south west of Alexandria is located one of most stunning oasis in all the World, Siwa Oasis, Egypt tours with World tour advice offer you 2 ways to scout the desert and Siwa oasis, first is a direct tour from Cairo to Siwa, second tour is to go from Cairo to Alexandria to visit it, overnight in Alexandria, then proceed your tour next day to Siwa oasis, 2 or 3 nights up to you.
To the south part of Cairo is located Upper Egypt, Best tours in Upper Egypt are tours between Luxor and Aswan, Egypt tours with World tour advice offer you tours in Egypt either  in Nile cruises boats sailing between Luxor and Aswan, or Egypt day tours from Luxor and Aswan hotels to visit their touristic sites. Best of Egypt tours in Luxor is visiting valley of kings, valley of queens, Hatshepsut temple, Habu temple and Memnon colossi, Best of Aswan tours is the unfinished obelisc, the High dam and Philae temple.We recommended Siwa oasis tours as the best example of Egypt tours to oasis, but the best example of Egypt desert tours is the White and the black desert
Egypt tours to the white and black desert is usually start from Cairo, then drive to El Bahariya oasis, and by 4x4 to start visiting the white and black desets, the alabaster mountain, Heiz village, and more.
If you have only 1 day for safari tours from Cairo, Egypt tours with World Tour Advice offer you day tour or overnight tour to Fayoum oasis, scout Medawara mountain, the magic lake, the Rayan valley, the whales valley, Kasr El Sagha, Dimea El Sibah and more,Do not forget beaches and under water life tours, Egypt tours from Red sea offer you a great chance to meet dolphins, play with colored fish, snorkeling and diving tours from Sharm, Hurghada, Dahab, Marsa Alam and other cities located on Egypt Red sea.Do you want to add to your Egypt tours extra tours to other countries, We organize tours from Egypt to Petra and Jerusalem, Visit our web site and book your Egypt tour or Egypt and Holy land tours

Must Visit Pyramids in Cairo

Must visit pyramids not only Cheops, Chephren and Menkaure pyramids in Giza, but also the oldest of all pyramids the step one in Saqqara, then Meidum pyramid, then Dahshur bent and red pyramids, On case you want to visit more go to see Lahoon and Hawara in Fayoum oasi, there are also other small pyramids surrounding the step pyramid of Saqqara, and not so far from it there are Abu Seir

What To Do In Cairo By Night

What To Do In Cairo By Night, Best attractions and things to visit in Cairo by night, Cairo is the city never ever sleep, the city of contrasts, Cairo is called the mother of all world, Go to visit Cairo by night and enjoy night tours in the biggest city in Middle East ( Cairo ) where you will find many things to see and do by night such as Nile cruise, Sound and light show

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Egypt in 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Egypt in 2023, Enjoy best weather in winter, Autumn & sPRING, tASTE THE HISTORY OF 5000 years ago, Various tours, Red sea, Mediterranean sea, lake Nasser, Nile river tours, Safari and cultural tours

Cairo Things To Do

One of the most stunning cities on earth, Cairo (Al Qahira) is also known as the city that never sleeps.
Cairo, Egypt is the starting or ending point for all of our Nile river excursions. Cairo seems to be filled with historical sites, but the
Egyptian Museum is the city's crowning achievement and a treasure mine of ancient Egyptian artifacts. The famed Royal
Mummy chamber is accessible by paying a nominal extra cost.

Hurghada Red Sea Tours For Families

Hurghada Family Holiday, Why World tour advice advise tourists to go Hurghada for their holidays and vacations with their family? Hurghada & Red Sea purvey you a guaranteed good weather, diving & snorkeling and other water-based activities, amuse your soul and mind during tours to scout catchy history and sites such as ancient Thebes ( Luxor), which is only 3 hours by bus from Hurghada

Visit Egypt, Best Places to visit

Visit Egypt, Unmissable Egypt Tours, We recommend for you best stunning places to visit in Egypt, What to visit and when, Unleash your inner explorer and visit Egypt, Cairo, Nile cruises, lakes and desert, Red sea and protective areas, Visit Egypt and amuse yourself by visiting best tourist places

Abu Simbel from Aswan

Abu Simbel from Aswan

The Great Pyramid of Giza ( Cheops pyramid ) B

The Great Pyramid of Giza ( Cheops pyramid of Khufu ), All information about a miracle of building such a monument 4700 years ago, The Great pyramid in Giza was erected with No cement, no steel, Is it a miracle? Moving those blocks would require a steel bulldozer able to pull or push 70 tons

Nile Tour ( B)

Relish Nile tour and holidays, It is the most iconic holidays in Egypt, Egypt Nile river temples and tombs is a timeless destination to explore  and experiencing the utmost in luxury travel on river Nile, Nile tours can be done from hotels or hotel and Nile cruises where your sojourn leads you to scout Nile treasures in comfort and style

Dahabyia Nile Cruise

Dahabyia Nile Cruise holidays combines relaxation, the remarkable history, the sunny weather & the incredible sights of Egypt & Nile, Soak up the indigenous culture, Most tourists idea of a relaxing holidays is a sun lounger, lots of sunshine, Dahabyia Nile cruises offer you a holiday combining relaxation with history , culture, fabulous oriental food, sunny weather which will make each minute during your Dahabyia Nile cruise holiday unforgottable

Dahshur Pyramids, The Red & The Bent Pyramids

More Information about the most ancient pyramids in Cairo, Dahshur Pyramids, World Tour Advice invite you to scout Snefru and Amenemhat pyramids in Dahshur, The breathtaking Red pyramid, The unrepeated Bent pyramid, The black pyramid well known as the Chocolate pyramid, Entree inside Snefru Red pyramid is must done at least one time in life,  A great Luscious experience of visiting The Bent pyramid, The black pyramid

Middle East Holidays

Middle East Holidays, Travel to Middle East, Middle East Tours Packages, Easter and Travel, Christmas Holidays in Middle East, Unleash your inner explorer and join Middle East Holidays, Middle East Travel, Tours Packages,tours and Middle East Travel Packages Holidays

Vacations To Cairo

Vacations to Cairo, Enjoy our best means of comfort and security during our Cairo vacations, Giza pyramids tour, Museums, mosques, old street, wandering in desert around the unusual pyramids the step and bent pyramids, One day from Cairo to Alexandria or Fayoum oasis

Egypt Tour 2023 - 2024

Egypt tour, Things you need to know before visitng Egypt, Egypt is home to one of the oldest and most inspiring cultures in the world, Egypt is a treasure trove of beautiful monuments, tombs, temples, myth, religion and history. From the Mediterranean sea where exist cities like Alexandria, Rosetta, Marsa Matrouh etc  to the Nile Delta, then Cairo, then south of Cairo Middle Egypt and Upper Egypt

Cairo and Giza pyramids tour from Ain El Sokhna

Best things to do From El Sokhna port: Cairo Tour From Ain El Sokhna Are you going to enjoy Red sea cruises vacation? Discover how to enjoy the ultimate excursion fro Sokhna port to Cairo (Al Qahirah) When your cruise ship will stop at El Sokhna port, You will be very close to Cairo city, the capital of Egypt, a must visit city, It is just 2 hours from Giza pyramids and Nile river

What is best time to do Nile cruise

What is best time to do Nile cruise, There are many reasons to choose the period from October till April for your Nile cruise holiday in Egypt, Luxor and Aswan weather is great from October, till April,  Christmas, new year and easter are higher price

Saqqara new discovery, Mummies and tombs

Saqqara Mummies: New discovered tombs (Mastabas) Saqqara is a big necropolis located south Giza pyramids, it is very rich place, always it offer us new discoveries, in 2020 offered to the world a real precious discovery as a group of archaeologists discovered a large number of intact sarcophagus in the Saqqara necropolis, which the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities made known to the entire world.

Sinuhe Tale

Sinuhe Tale, Ancient stories, Sinuhe Egyptian Story, Enjoy our story about the Egyptian Sinuhe with the Egyptian king, it is the most dazzling tale in Ancient literature, it provides us with priceless info about myth, policy, daily life

King Scorpion

King Scorpion was he a real king who ruled Egypt in ancient times? Is he the only scorpion king? King Scorpion tales and history

Ramesses II, Ramses second

Ramesses II is one of the greatest pharaohs who ruled Egypt, his huge statue was the first monument to be moved to the New Egyptian museum GEM, Ramses second erected many temples and palaces, the most famous temple is Abu Simbel, where he erected 2 temples, one for him and other one for his wife Nefertari

Discovery of Lost ‘Golden’ City in Luxor

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass Announces Discovery of Lost ‘Golden’ City in Luxor

Egypt Trip

Egypt trip, visit Egypt and enjoy its daily trips to all historical sites in Cairo, Affordable tours to Rosetta, Alex, Luxor & Aswan, enjoy safari trips in Egypt desert and oasis of Bahariya, Fayoum, Siwa etc, Dont miss a chance to enjoy laying off in Red sea resorts, or enjoy its sports and activities' 

Egypt Tours

Egypt Tours, Formerly a country of dynasties and decadence, it is now a land of timelessness. Egypt tours immerse you in culture. At the foot of the Great Pyramids, legends abound. In the middle of the Valley of the Kings, this is littered with tombs. Alternatively, in front of Abu Simbel magnificent mosques

Egypt Nile Cruises Holidays

Nile river cruises holidays are so alluring and distinct,Get on the Nile cruise and stay in Egypt to spend the best holidays

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt info & Holidays

Sharm El Sheik Egypt is a magnet for divers and eco-tourists through the varied marine life and the hundreds of Red Sea coral sites. It offer best all inclusive holidays In the last few decades the tourist economy of Sharm city on the Sinai Peninsula grew, Tourism and trade

Giza Pyramids & The Great pyramid

Giza Pyramids, The Great Egyptian Pyramid, in Arabic Al Ahram, Some people think it was erected by aliens because of the precision of each millimeter of pyramids, but also because of magical power that Giza pyramids offer for them during meditation, Many travelers go to visit Cheops , The great pyramid just to be filled with energy, and dumbfounded by its extraordinary beauty being

The Three Pyramids Of Giza

the three pyramids of Giza, All information about the most brilliant attraction in all Egypt, Giza three pyramids belonging to Cheops, Chephren and Menkaure, Giza three pyramids are belonging to fourth dynasty and they are the only thing still in exist from all 7 wonders of ancient world, They are still one of most mysterious things to visit in 

Nile Cruises Blogger

All Information about Luxor and Aswan Nile cruises, Enjoy Egypt Cruises holidays between Luxor and Aswan

Aswan to luxor nile cruise

Do you dream of visiting Masr ( Egypt ) and exploring Luxor and Aswan? Visiting Aswan and Luxor is the best key for ancient Egyptian civilization, and We offer you best way to visit both of them, The best thing is ( Awan to Luxor nile cruise

The Sphinx and Giza Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza, the most celebrated monument in the world, The Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx Secrets and tours, Giza Pyramids Tour and Truth,The pyramids of Giza, the most celebrated monument on our planet, Sphinx is the biggest statue of 1 piece of stone in world, Giza pyramids and Sphinx, Tour and Information

Christmas and New year celebration in Egypt

Christmas and New year celebration in Egypt, Egypt is a glowing and vivid country with thrilling people and a blissful spirit. Egyptian people like celebrations and feasts, One of the most famous celebration is ( RasEl Sana ) which is the new year celebration 31 December when most Egyptian people celebrate the Christmas and New Year season. 

Egypt Travel Destination

The ancient Egyptians were one of the utmost awe-inspiring civilizations the world has achieved, but other various ethnicities have influenced  Egypt as well, making Egypt an unparalleled mixture of  Roman, Greek and lately Arabic and Islamic culture with the Mediterranean and African atmosphere. This enchanting wealthy history has formed a tapestry of cultural and archaeological thesaurus unprecedented anywhere - so much so that Egypt is home to one third of the world

Egypt Dazzling Day Tours

Egypt Day Tours, Misr or Egypt best day tours, Every Tripper Plan to Have a Free Time in Egypt  and Taste The Charm of Egypt Day tours to Achieve his Dream and Have a Great Relish of The awe-inspiring Giza Pyramids, World tour advice present for you adorable options of finest hand-picked Egypt sightseeing tours & Egypt day trips

Luxor Budget Holiday Blogger

Relish best holidays and travel packages in Luxor with World Tour Advice, Amuse yourself and soul during our cheap and budget holiday in Luxor

Cairo and Luxor Short holiday Blog

Relish Cairo and Luxor Short Holidays Visit The Biggest And Oldest World temples And cities, Luxor And Cairo Short Breaks and tours to scout Egypt, visit  Giza Pyramids, Dahshur and Saqqara pyramids,  Ancient Egypt temples, Karnak, valley of kings and queens

Aswan Sunny Winter Tours

Aswan Day Tours are guides for explorers of Egypt's rich past and exciting present, Aswan Day Tours and Aswan Excursions have a lot of amusement in Ancient temples and modern sightseeing with the beautiful Nubian tours, Aswan, the southernmost gateway to Egypt, is a fascinating area that visitors should make the most of. a good look at Aswan sightseeing

Red Sea Vacation and Trips

Relish Red Sea Tours with world tour advice, Red Sea vacation combine natural and human history,  Amuse your eyes and soul by our tours to explore the beauty of Red Sea Egypt. Diving and Snorkeling tours, Dolphin shows, Weshwash and colored Canyon Desert safari trips, Holy land tours, Cultural tours touch real beauty in sunny and sandy beach of Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Hurghada, Enjoy Red Sea diving, snorkeling swimming, and other Red Sea Tours

Giza Pyramids Tour In Cairo

It is a great chance to escape from the daily routine and travel to Cairo to relish day tours to Egyptian pyramids, the most stunning are Giza pyramids, There is also Saqqara pyramids and Dahshur, Lahoon and Haoouara pyramids but Giza pyramids is the most attractive, We organize tours to explore Cairo city and Cairo pyramids trips

Cairo Pyramids Excursion

Scout the most ancient pyramids in Cairo, Saqqara step pyramid. visit Imhotep museum and the Heb sed building, discover the stunning scenes on the walls of very ancient Egyptian tombs around all pyramids( Mastaba ), Proceed to Giza pyramids, book now and relish our tours

Sharm airport transfers

Transfers from Sharm El Sheikh airport, Private modern air conditioned vans and cars, Relish a comfortable transfer from all Sharm hotels to airport and from airport to hotel with world tour advice

Blogger about Sharm Excursions

Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours, With our hand-picked Sharm El Sheikh Excursions and tours you will get the opportunity to unblock the majestic of Egypt Red Sea tours, astonishing Safari Adventure, and the gleaming finds of Egypt History

Egypt Classic Packages Blog

Increment your experience about Egypt and Relish in outing to Cairo and watch the best touring, Enjoy taking Photos in Alexandria in the wonderful spots in the Egyptian Mediterranean city, additionally You have the chance to take 2 Nile cruises , on e in Nile river and other one in lake Nasser

Cairo Sleeping Train to Luxor & Aswan

Egypt railways, Booking train tickets Cairo Luxor and Aswan, Egypt is amazing, and Cairo one of the most dazzling cities in the world.  There

Safaga Port Trips Blogger

Enjoy having  special outings through Safaga port trips, Safaga Shore excursions contains brilliant collection of port trips to scout Egypt, Relish our best tours from Safaga port with World Tour Advice team

El Sokhna Port Trips

Relish our stunning tours from El Sokhna Port, Private guided tours from Sokhna port to scout Egypt, Best Shore Excursions in Egypt from El Sokhna port with World Tour Advice

The Textile Museum in Medieval Cairo

Cairo Textile Museum, What to visit in Cairo, Textile Museum in Cairo Is located In one of the oldest streets in Cairo ( Muizz street )  with some of the most significant medieval Islamic architecture in the world is the Textile Museum, Prior to being converted to a museum, the structure was once a Sabil ( a Charitable fountain, constructed by Mohamed Aly the founder of modern Egypt in 19th Century

Saqqara & Step Pyramid Complex in Cairo ( B )

The pyramid of Djoser ( Zoser ) in Saqqara ( Sakkara ) demonstrates a remarkable juncture in the history of pyramid building in ancient Egypt. Before building the step pyramid, the Pharaohs were only digging a hole into the land, burry the deceased, and then erect one layer of limestone on it erecting what was called later on as the Mastaba Tomb, The step pyramid is a stunning pyramid located in the desert about 30 Km from Giza pyramids

Umm Kulthum

The museum of ( Umm Kalthoum) was dedicated to one of the most renowned and prolific singers in the Arab world and a national icon of Egypt. From a humble background, Umm Kulthum had a remarkable voice with an extraordinadr vocal ability and style, which propelled her to unparalleled fame, She was given the title Kawakab El Sharq which means Planet of the Middle East or East Star, Umm Kaltoum museum is located in El Manial island where are located also the Nilometer and the Manial palace museum of prince Muhammed Aly

Gayer Anderson Museum

In a maze of narrow streets where historic Islamic cities once thrived the Gayer Anderson Museum showcases one of the best-preserved examples of 17th century domestic architecture left in Cairo. Gayer Anderson museum structure is composed of two houses built on the outer wall of the grand Ibn Tolun mosque.

Imhotep museum in Saqqara

Imhotep museum in Saqqara

Old Cairo hanging church & Babilion fortress

The church of Virgin Mary Al-Muallaqa church  church ( Al Muallaqa is the Arabic meaning of the hanging church ) is dedicated to virgin Mary (  El Sayeda Miriam in Arabic ) , and dates back to the 4th century. It is known as Al Muallaqa or hanging church as it was constructed on the ruins of two towers from the old Roman fortress of Babylon, Built in 98 AD by Emperor Trajan.

Memphis ( Mit Raheena ), Cairo Tours B

Today on the top of the ancient city of Memphis located the modern village of Mit Raheena, prosperous and extravagant community, Ancient Memphis was the native land of the creator god Ptah,god of arts, architecture and crafts, This heritage lives on a Mit

Cairo Day Tours Blog

Relish a stunning Tours in Egypt with World Tour Advice, innumerable of things you will do and see with Cairo Day Trips, you will have the opportunity to visit The Egyptian Museum, Citadel of Salah El Din and Old Cairo, Giza pyramids and Dahshur pyramids, Saqqara and Memphis, Travel in 1 day tour or more to scout Luxor city or to enjoy Alexandria ( Iskandariah) day trips.

Cairo Budget Tours

Cairo Budget Tours is overseen By World Tour Advice one of the Top Reputed Tour Companies in Egypt and Top Ranked on TripAdvisor we Offers, Financial plan and Cheap Tours in Cairo Whether you Look For Day Tours in Cairo, Visit what the others missed and pay less, budget tours to Cairo pyramids in Saqqara and Dahshur, Giza pyramids, scout museums, walk in the very oldest trees in Fatimid Cairo, 

Cairo and Pyramids Tours Blogger

Relish your tours to explore Cairo sites, Memphis, Dahshur and Saqqara pyramids are the eldest things to see in Cairo, They are elder than Giza pyramids, Visit the bent pyramid, the red and the black pyramids, Menfi or Memphis the first capital of all Egypt constructed by Narmer Mena 5000 years ago.

Best Cairo Tours

Cairo is an old Egyptian city assumes awesome position at the center of Egypt, As wonderful as it is insane, it is one of the greatest urban areas in the Middle East and might be in Africa, Cairo has been perceived as one of the considerable urban communities of the world, it's the City of the Thousand Minarets and it is an astonishing spot to explore Egyptian history, culture, and progress. Cairo day Tours are the place you truly get the chance to feel about Egyptian road life. No day trips from Cairo will be finished without going to pyramids of Giza.

Coptic Cairo Attractions

Coptic Cairo Attractions 

Islamic Cairo Tour

Islamic Cairo tours covering big area of Cairo, but best places are Muizz street, Salibah street, tour to Ibn Tolun mosque, Sultan Hassan mosque, Khan Khalili market, amuse your eyes by Mohamed Aly alabaster mosque in citadel, it is a mixture of Mamluk, monuments, old mosques, ols schools, ld streets and houses

Egypt Pyramids Tour

Egypt pyramids tour in Cairo, Pyramids are one of the most famous pharonic attractions, What are Cairo Pharonic attractions? Cairo is the Fatimid capital built about 1000 years ago, so during the Pharaohs period there was no Cairo, But were other capitals, El Badra shin now the closet one to Cairo is Memphis the Egyptian capital erected 5000 years ago, Egypt kings built their cemeteries and pyramids close to the ancient capital Memphis, So now west Cairo tours purvey a chance not only to scout Ancient Egypt pyramids in Cairo, but also to see Menphis ruins, Explore Egypt Cairo pyramids with our Masterly tour guides,, Egypt Cairo pyramids tour with Worldtouradvice will intorduce you to Egypt pyramids in Giza ( Ahramat Al Giza), Saqqara step pyramid and its masterwork complex, Dahshur pyramids ( The famous unsusal pyramid in Cairo, The Bent pyramid)  Relish our Egypt pyramid tours with masterly Local licensed Egyptian tour guide