The Step Pyramid and Saqqara Complex

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Saqqara Step Pyramid complex pr king  Zoser Complex, it is a big cemetery, what to see there: Oldest Pyramid, The step pyramid, then other pyramids of Userkaf, Teti, Unas and Pepi, Heb sed building, Mereruca mastaba, Kagemni Mastaba, Meho tomb, Ancient Egyptian tombs, Serapium and Imhotep museum.

It needs a very long tour to explore all Saqqara complex, but as most tours inclides it with other sites, usually tourists see the step pyramid, the Heb sed building and one mastaba, in case of visiting it before 11:50 Am you can enter Unas pyramid, but after 11:50 you can enter Teti pyramid, both pyramids are included n the ticket. but there are other extra tickets to enter the step pyramid or the Serapium or the amazing tombs of Mereruca, Meho, the 2 brothers etc