Bahariya Oasis Activities

Bahariya Oasis Activities

Bahariya Oasis Egypt, It is one of the most famous oasis in Egypt, Bahariya is a must seen during your holiday in Egypt, it is 5 hours from Cairo by car then you can visit its attractions, or taking a jeep to discover the black or the white desert in El Bahariya

El Bahariya oasis history goes back to the pharaonic times, but this oasis was hardly known until the 20th century,

El Bahariya oasis is an excellent place for short mountain hikes, there are many mountains in the area,the most famous mountain in El Bahariya oasis is Jebel El Inglees or ( English mountain ), it was used by English during the World war II to biuild some fortifications, then Jebel dist called by the tourist the pyramid mountain because of its symmetrical sides, and pointed peak, it takes about one hour to arrive its top and enjoy one of the best veiws of El Bahariya oasis, you can also go to other mountain ( Gibel Maghfara ) , it is where a gigantic dinasaur skeleton was discovered 2001.

El Bahariya oasis also is a rich place of many old springs, natural hot springs, many tourists travel to Egypt to use its hot and cold 400 mineral and sulphur springs, for medical reasons, as this hot water is rich of many useful minerals can help persons who suffer the reheumatism.

Many other things to see and visit in El Bahariya oasis, such as the golden mummies museum ( The valley of golden mummies ) which is a recent discovery, The golden mummies dates back to the Greek Roman era in Egypt, 300 B.C, The Bahariya golden mummies museum does not looking like anything striking from outside, but it is what the museum houses is the most attractive thing, during your tour to the museum of the golden mummies you will see 10 mummies, two of them are for children, some of the mummies faces were painted, and heir painted faces still intact. This shows that some Greek were living in the Bahariya oasis in the Hellenec times, The best way to visit the area is to pay two tickets, one of the mummies museum, and other ticket to the place where they were found.

The best thing to see from El Bahariya oasis in Egypt are the two famous deserts, the white and the black desert , to arrive to them you can drive in the desrt by 4x4 and visit the most beautiful deserts in Egypt, the white desert, the black desert and the Crystal mountain

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