Luxor To Dendera temple by Cruise

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Luxor To Dendera temple by Cruise, Enjoy One Day Cruise tour to explore Hat Hor temple in Dendera, sailing onboard Nile Lotus cruise, skip the tours by van and enjoy relaxing experience on board the only boat doing this trip, Every Saturday, Monday, Thursday and Friday sailing trips from Luxor to Dendera, Travellers will enjoy sailing tour from Luxor to Dendera, including a delectable open buffet, Our guests will enjoy scenic views with their experience, giving them the chance to take in the stunning beauty of the Nile river.


Luxor To Dendera temple by Cruise

Luxor To Dendera temple by Cruise 

Dendera over day trip with lunch

Iberotel Lotus sets sail to Denderah every Saturday, Monday, and Thursday at 7:00 Am from Luxor hotels.

At 11:00 Am arrival to Dendera, where they head to the temple to observe the rich history and ancient architecture.

After exploring the area, guests can head back to the Nile cruise to enjoy a delectable open buffet lunch while sailing back to Luxor.

Guests will enjoy a scenic sunset coffe break at 5:00 Pm to round off a stunning day.

Guests will arrive back at hotel at 7:00 PM

Dendera Temple Complex
Built beginning 1995 BCE
Denera temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, it  is one of the most well-preserved temples in Egypt, the temple offer to visitors  an amazing model of Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic architecture. Dendera temple was erected primarily during the Greek period. However, but all the structure  was completed under the Roman emperor Trajan, that is why you can see him depicted on the temple walls offering gifts to the goddess Hathor..

Dendera area was a center of the cult of goddess Hathor.She was goddess of many things: love, beauty, music, dancing, fertility, and pleasure. The ancient Egyptians used to celebrate new year by Hathour journey from her temple at Dendera to visit her husband, Horus Ra HOR aKHTI, at his temple in Edfu, hATHOR SPEND TIME WITH HIM, then return from Edfu to Dendera, this journey back to her temple was an important sign for Egyptian as it refers to the beginning of the flood season of the Nile.

There is evidence that the first part of this temple was erected  around 2250 BCE, but most of the standing constructions are belonging to the Ptolemaic era forward. 

The temple originally housed the famous Zodiac of Dendera. This bas-relief with human and animal figures represented a night skyscape, and was found on the ceiling of a chapel in the Temple of Hathor, where the mysteries of the resurrection of the god Osiris were celebrated. Egyptologists determined it should be interpreted as a map of the sky rather than a giant horoscope or a perpetual astrological tool.

The particular configuration of the planets among the constellations shown in the Zodiac of Dendera occurs only about once every thousand years. Two astrophysicists have dated it to between June 15 and August 15, 50 BCE. Two eclipses are represented on the Zodiac exactly where they occurred at that time.

The Zodiac of Dendera was brought to France in 1821,  It currently is on display at the Louvre in Paris.

Cruise Facilities

Iberotel Lotus Nile River Cruise

A floating Pavilion and Restaurant

Surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of Luxor, IberotelLotus is the only boat in the city that offers an expetional & luxurious cruising experience of one day

It was built in Cairo in 1989, The only boat in Luxor offering this experience, has been full renovated in 2022, to provide an exceptional & luxurious cruising experience, in Luxor city, Feel like a crowned pharaoh while tantalizing your taste buds in a unique royal atmosphere at the banks of river Nile


    Luxor To Dendera temple by Cruise includes:

    • Pick up from hotel
    • Sailing tour onboard Nile river cruise from Luxor to Dendera
    • Lunch meal
    • Entrance fees
    • Group tour with professional Egyptologist tour guide


    • Anything not mentioned iin Dendera tour from Luxor itinerary
    • Beverages
    • Private expenses
    • Tipping recommended not obligatory


Luxor To Dendera temple by Cruise is available for individuals and groups

Tour is not private, but inform us in case you want private tour guide during the tour inside the temple of Dendera

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