Egypt Food Tours in Cairo and Alexandria

Egypt Food Tours in Cairo, Savor the culinary delights of Egypt (Misr) during our food tour in Al Qahira (Cairo), Food & Culinary tour in Egypt, Enjoy various flavours and sights of different places in Egypt, particularly in Cairo and Alexandria cities, Egypt street food, Falafel, Shawarma, Kofta, Kebab, Beans, Koshary, Mosaqua, Melukhea and Dolma (Mahshi), it is food tour with cultural tour to explore past and present of Egypt either in Cairo or Alexandria

Cairo Food Tour

Cairo Food Tour Downtown, Egyptian street food, Cairo Culinary, Enjoy walking in Cairo downtown streets, meet Egyptian people and eat as local not as a tourist, Try Falafel, walk to Qasr Nil bridge, Savor Shawerma during sailing on a boat and before going back to hotel try Koushary and Egyptian desserts, Basbousa, Konafa and Baqlava

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