Things to do in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria attractions and Things to do

Alexandria City History, Attractions, Things to do in Alexandria Egypt, What to Do in Alexandria Egypt, Visit Alex, Alexandria is an important tourist resort where you can enjoy the fantastic weather and visiting the different attractions from Greek, Roman & Arabic era. Alexandria city was founded, by Alexander the Great, in 332 BC . It was the seat of the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt,When Alexander the Great entered Egypt, the Egyptians welcomed him as a liberator from Persian rule,and they crowned him pharaoh. On the western edge of the Nile Delta, Alexander founded a city in 332 BC and named it Alexandria after himself. Alexandria remained as Egypt capital during the greek period, and the Roman period when Egypt was occupied by the Roman and became a roman province. What to see in Alexandria: - EL Muntazah palaces and gardens - Qaitbye fortress - The Roman Theatre - Alexandria library - Pompey's pillar - Alexandria greeco Roman museum - Kom El Shoqaffa Catacombs - Famous coffeshops on the Mediterranean sea - Khalid Ibn El Walid street (market) From Alexandria , you can make one day trip to: - Cairo ( by bus, train or private vans ) 3 hours - El Alamein , one hour by bus from Alexandria, to visit The World War II cemetries and museum. - Marsa Matrouh city and beaches, 3 hours from Alexandria by bus or private van - Luxor ( Alexandria Cairo by bus , then to Luxor from Cairo by flight ) In case of travelling from Alexandria to Luxor by train, it take 14 hours

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