Rosetta city, Rashid

Rosetta city , Rashid

Many tourists asking where is Rosetta stone? We want to see Rosetta stone, But no one asked where is Rosetta city, the place where th stone was discovered !!
Rosetta is a small city north to Cairo and it is is 65 kilometers east to Alexandria, I is located at the mouth which connects the tip of the River Nile ( The longest river in the world )
 to the Mediterranean sea, While the city name is Rosetta 
in English language, the city name is Rashid in Arabic language, and Rosetta stone in Arabic is called Rashid stone.
The city holds an abudance of fascinating uniqu buildings dating to the 17th century when the Ottoman empire ruled Egypt.
Rosetta city was important during New kingdom and during the Greek Roman rule, but started to be less important during the Islamic reign, but during Islamic reign
Sultan Qaitbye built a fortress in it for defensive reasons, and Sultan El Ghouri later built huge walls around the city.
After that the Ottoman conquested Egypt in the 16th century, The Ottoman made the city of Rosetta as the main northern portin Egypt, Alexandria started to be less
important, That made many merchants to build houses and Wekalah in Rosetta city, Rosetta at that time was serving the trade between Turkey, Egypt and other countries in Europe, Africa and Asia
Note: Rosetta stone now is located in the British museum in London, and its copy is in the Egyptian museum in Cairo

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