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Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Tours , Join Egypt Dahabeya travelling and tours, sail on the Nile in traditional luxury ships, you will find a combination of luxury and privacy that recalls the golden age of tourism in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century


Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Nile Cruise Itineraries Itinerary 1 : Luxor-Aswan, 8 Days

Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Nile Cruise Itineraries

Itinerary 1 : Luxor-Aswan, 8 Days
Day 1: Saturday
Our tour representative will pick up you from any destination in Luxor, as Luxor airport , train station or Luxor hotels,Transfer
to your five stars luxury Dahabiya ( Sonesta Amirat ) in Luxor to spend a relaxing week sailing the Nile on a luxuriously appointed dahabiya. Enjoy your lunch onboard, then start the shore trips to visit Luxor West Bank to discover the burial chambers of the
Pharaohs of New kingdom - the Valley of Kings - it is the same place where Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the child king
Tut Ankh Amon in 1922. proceed the tour to Valley of the Queens,then visit the Temple of El Deir El Bahari belonging to Queen
Hatshipsut ( the woman who was represented everywhere as a man ruling Egypt - pharoah woman ) go to the Colossi of Amenofis
III known as Memnon statues. Overnight moored on the Nile banks of Luxor.

Day 2: Sunday
Enjoy your breakfast, then a guided trip to visit the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at the Temple of Karnak, which is the
biggest religious complex ever built in the world, with its vast hypostyle hall of 137 columns,known as the columns forest, proceed
the trip to visit Luxor Temple. Overnight moored in Luxor.

Day 3: Monday
Enjoy free day, a leisurely day. sailing to Esna where your dahabyia will moor overnight.

Day 4: Tuesday
Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Nile Cruise, will continue sailing to Edfu to visit the wonderfully preserved Temple of the falcon headed
god Horus, the ancient symbol of protection in Ancient Egypt. Overnight moored beside a Nile island.

Day 5: Wednesday
Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Nile Cruise will sail to Kom Ombo, a guided tour to the Ptolemaic Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated for
two different ancient Egyptian gods, the crocodile god Sobek & the falcon-headed god Horus, god of the protection. Overnight
moored beside a Nile island.

Day 6: Thursday
Enjoy a leisurely day sailing to Aswan ( the ancient Seen ) where the dahabyyia moors overnight.

Day 7: Friday
Shore trips to Aswan highlights, Aswan High Dam. then take a motor boat to arrive the Temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis,it is one of the most important temples saved after building the high dam, it was rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser which was created after building the High Dam

Day 8: Saturday
Enjoy your last Breakfast meal in aboard the Dahabiya followed by disembarkation, and transfer from the Dahabeya to any other destination in Aswan

Aswan  Luxor 7 Night / 8 Days Itinerary

Day # 1 ) Saturday
Our tour representative will meet you in any destination in Aswan city such as Aswan airport or Aswan train station or Aswan hotels,Embarkation in Aswan for a relaxing week sailing the Nile on a Luxuriously appointed Dahabeya
Overnight, the ship moors on Aswan Nile bank

Day # 2 ) Sunday
Enjoy your breakfast in the Dahabeya cruise boat before starting your guided tour to visit the Aswan attractions such as the High
Dam ( which was erected after the Egyptian revolution of 1952 & completed in 1971), Egypt high dam is one of the largest
embankment dams in the world. It is called the Aswan High Dam, or Saad el Aali in Arabic, and it captures the mighty Nile River
in the world s third largest reservoir, Lake Nasser.
You will sail in a motor boat on Nasser lake to visit Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, a structure rescued from the
rising waters of Lake Nasser at the time of the High Dam’s construction
Proceed sailing to Kom Ombo (noon time)
Overnight near by Kom Ombo

Day # 3 ) Monday
Early morning sailing to Kom Ombo, Upon your arrival you go to visit the ptolemaic double temple dedicated to the two gods, the crocodile god sobek & the falcon-headed Horus, god of the protection in Ancient Egypt
Overnight moored beside a Nile Island

Day # 4 ) Tuesday
Early morning, sailing to Edfu, Upon your arrival to Edfu, go to visit the splendid preserved Temple of Edfu dedicated to the god falcon
Overnight moored beside an Island

Day # 5 ) Wednesday
Free day for relaxing & leisure time, enjoy the dahabiya cruise facilities; After Breakfastthe dahabyia will continue sailing to Esna, and crossing Esna lock,
Then Dahabeya Sonesta will moor beside a Nile Island

Day # 6 ) Thursday
Early morning, Dahabiya Sonesta will continue sailing to luxor and visit the biggest complex dedicated to worship in all the world,
Karnak temples, famous for its big hypostyle hall of 137 columns, proceed to Luxor temple, shopping tour then back to the cruise.
Overnight moored in Luxor

Day # 7 ) Friday
Shore trips to the West Bank of Luxor, to visit the great burial tombs of the Pharaohs – Valley of Kings – where Howard Carter
discovered the only ( non stolen tomb ) belonging to the child king Tutankhamen in 1922. Continue to the tour to see the Valley
of the Queens,then the splendid temple of Medinet Habu Temple & Memnon Colossi.
Overnight moored in Luxor

Day # 8 ) Saturday
Breakfast, disembarkation after breakfast, then transfer to any other destination in Luxor such as Luxor train station, Luxor
airport or Luxor hotels

Cruise Facilities

Dahabyia Cruise Facilities
Sonesta Amirat Dahabiyya is the newest cruise ship to join Sonesta Nile Cruises fleet, the Amirat ship combines comfort
and beauty in a most inspiring private atmosphere for cruise experience of Egyptian hospitality.Time to leave your cares
behind. As you step aboard worry and stress are left behind. Let the current take you between Aswan and Luxor or be like
the ancient Egyptians and gamble on the wind taking you in the most splendid vacation of life.
Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat features & facilities:

- Sonesta Dahabeya Nile cruise includes 5 deluxe cabins with Panoramic windows and 2 elegant suites
with private terrace.
- Private, direct-dial telephone ( extra charge )
- open air oriental-style Jacuzzi
- spacious sundeck and stylish common lounge.
- All cabin accommodations are full boards
- Individual air condition control for each cabin.
- hairdryers, mini-bar, safe deposit boxes
- plasma televisions and movie channels.
- Dining room


    Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Nile Cruise Includes :

    - Transfer to/from the Sonesta Dahabiya Nile Cruise from any other
    destination in Luxor or Aswan
    - Accommodation on board Sonesta Amirat Dahabeya cruise on full board basis
    - All shore trips along Sonesta Amirat Dahabeya Nile cruise journey
    - Shore trips to visit Karnak and Luxor temples
    - Shore Trips to visit Valley of the Kings, Hatshipsut temple
    - Shore trips to visit Edfu temple as per cruise itinerary
    - Shore trips to visit Kom Ombo temple as per cruise itinerary
    - Shore trips to visit Philae temple, High Dam unfinished obelisk
    - Shore trips to visit Elephantine island & Botanical Gardens in Aswan
    - Entrance fees to all the mentioned sightseeings between Luxor and Aswan are included
    - Professional Egyptology english speaking tour guide on board Sonesta Amirat Dahabeya cruise
    - Service charges and all applicable taxes of the Dahabeya cruise


    Sonesta Dahabeya Amirat Nile Cruise Excludes:

    Optional tours
    Personal expenses
    Tipping kitty


Children policy: 6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the price

0 - 05.99 is 100 % Free of Charge

What to carry with you?

Passport valid for More than 6 months

Cotton or linen clothes in summer and Warm clothes in winter

Hat, Sunblock, Sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

Camera / Video Camera Mobile phone is better if you have what sup application to be easier to contact you

Note: There will be extra during the peak periods (New Year, Easter & Christmas)

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