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Jaz Yakouta Dahabiya Nile Cruise, is a small sailing boat, combine comfort & beauty in an inspiring way, offering a spectacular opportunity for an extended family


Jaz Yakouta Dahabiya Sailing Boat Nile Cruise First Itinerary

Every Friday Esna – Aswan 5 nights
Day 1: Friday
Morning, Our tour representative will meet you at any destination in Luxor city,asLuxor airport or train stations or hotels, then
transfer in a private modern A/C van to Esna, Embarcation, Check in Jas Yakouta Dahabiya cruise, lunch on board in EsnaThe
dahabiya boat will start its Sailing to El Hegaz Island (approx 5.00 hours sailing)

Over night at El Hegaz island

Day - 2: Saturday
Jaz Yakouti boat proceed Sailing to Edfu (approx.five hours)Upon arrival to Edfu town, located on the west bank of the Nile 56km
south of Esna and 105km north of Aswan,today it is an important centre for sugar production.start your guided tour to visit Edfu
temple, the temple dedicated to the falcon headed god Horus,Edfu Temple is the best preserved and the second largest after KarnakContinue sailing to El Fuza Island (approx 01.00 hours sailing)

Overnight on board

Day - 3: Sunday
Jaz Yakouti boat will continue Sailing to El Remadya Nubian village (approx 05 hrs sailing), Nubian civilization is one of the oldest
civilization in all the world, Nubia is the homeland of Africa s earliest black culture with a history which can be traced from 3100
BCProceed sailing to Besaw Island (approx three hours sailing)

Overnight on board

Day - 4: Monday
Sailing to Gebel El Silsela, Gebel is a word which means mountain and Gebel el-Silsileh is in fact a mountain of sandstone rock,
or indeed a quarry. It is one of Egypt several sandstone quarries Mountain (approx 03 hours) Visit El Silsela temples, rock
temples of Ramses II and Merenptah cuted directly in the rocks at Gebel El Silsila quarring site.
Continue sailing to Meneha Island (approx 05hours)

Over night on board

Day - 5: Tuesday
Proceed Sailing towards Kom ombo (approx 02 hours)
Guided tour to Visit kom ombo temple, which is a double temple dedicated for two gods,
Sobek god of evil and Horus the good god,
Sobek was represented as crocodiles,In Ancient Egypt, crocodiles laid their eggs above the impending high-water line of the
Nile s annual flood, the pivotal event being that water enriched fields and allowed Egypt to be born again year after year.
“Crocodiles were magical because they had that ability to foretell. “The news of a good flood, or a bad one, was important to
farmers. And so in time crocodiles became symbols of Sobek, a water god of fertility, and Kom Ombo temple was erected in
one of these places in southern Egypt where the swelling flood was first observed every year. In that sacred space, near the
riverbank where wild crocodiles lay sunning themselves, captive crocodiles led an indulged life & were buried with due ceremony
after death, but in the same time Ancient Egyptian were beleiving that it is apower of evil and they have to controll it, evil because
the big crocodiles attacks animals and farmers

So the same temple was dedicated also to Horus, the falcon-headed god,the son of Osiris the god of the other life & Isis godess
of magic. Isis gave birth to Horus after Osiris was murdered and hid him from his wicked uncle Seth by concealing him under her
magic hair. Horus was king of the living. He is often identified with protection and associated with pharaohs.
After visiting Kom Ombo temple which stands by the Nile just south of Gebel el-Silsila, proceed sailing to El Souk (El Souk) in
arabic language means (animals & vegetables market), sailing time approx 02 hours
Sailing to Kopania (approx 05 hours)
Sailing to Aswan (approx 03 hours)

Overnight in Aswan

Day - 6: Wednesday
Disembarkation & visit Aswan Tourist sites, Philae temple which was located on Philae island,The Egyptian island of Philae was
the center for worship of the goddess Isis and attracted pilgrims from all over the ancient world.
The original island is now completely submerged under the waters of Lake Nasser. But in a spectacular rescue operation, the
great temples and monuments of Philae were pulled out of the water and re-erected on a nearby island, now renamed Philae,
After philae temples tour, go to visit the High dam of Aswan, Aswan High Dam, rockfill dam across the Nile River, completed in
1970, at a cost of about $1 billion. The dam,(111 metres) high, with a crest length of (3,830 metres) and a volume of (44,300,000
cubic metres), impounds a reservoir, Lake Nasser, that has a gross capacity of (169 billion cubic metres), Building Aswan High
Dam created a big lake, Nasser lake, creation of Nasser reservoir necessitated the costly relocation of different Ancient tourist
sites such as Abu Simbel & Philae temples.

Proceed the tour to visit Ancient Egypt granite quarries,where you will see one of best tourist sites in Egypt showing us how ancient
Egyptian were working to cut the obelisks from the granite quarries.

No rock speaks such volumes as Hatshipsut queen Unfinished Obelisk, it speaks of the power of the pharaohs, of the triumphs
of quarrying and its unimaginable failures. Had it ever made it out of its stone cradle and assumed its position before Karnak (or
wherever its creator planned to place it), it would have been the greatest obelisk ever raised, a monument worthy perhaps of
"Wonder of the Ancient World" status. As it is, the Unfinished Obelisk is the obelisk raisers most grievous tragedy, a lasting
reminder of the limits of human engineering.
After visiting Aswan tourist sites, ( OPTIONAL LUNCH ) and transfer for any other direction in Aswan such as Aswan hotels or
airport or train station.
You can change the last day itinerary in case if you want to go to visit Abu Simbel Temples (Optional tours), then after coming back from Abu Simbel go tho visit the ex tourist sites of Aswan.

Jaz Yakouta Dahabiya Sailing Boat Nile Cruise Second Itinerary
Every Saturday Esna – Aswan – Esna 7 nights

Day - 1: Saturday
Our tour representative will meet you at any destination or tourist site in Luxor city, then private transfer in A/C van with air condition to Esna, check in your Dahabiya sailing boat, lunch on board in Esna. Sailing to El Hegaz Island (approx 5.00 hours sailing) Over night in Isna

Day - 2: Sunday
Sailing to Edfu (approx.5.00 hours)
Guided tour to visit Edfu temple
Continue sailing to El Fuza Island (approx 01.00 hours sailing)
Overnight on board

Day - 3: Monday
Jaz Yakouta dahabiya boat continue Sailing to El Remadya Nubian village (approx 05 hours)
Sailing to Besaw Island (approx 03 hours sailing)
Overnight on board

Day - 4: Tuesday
Sailing to Gebel El Silsela Mountain (approx 03 hours)
Visit El Silsela temple
Continue sailing to Meneha Island (approx 05hours)
Over night on board

Day - 5: Wednesday
Sailing to Kom ombo (approx 02 hours)
Visit the double temple of kom ombo dedicated to the two gods, the evil and the goodness gods
Continue sailing to El Souk, El Souk is arabic word means the markets (animals & vegetables market) approx 02 hours
Continue sailing to Kopania (approx 05 hours)
Continue sailing to Aswan (approx 03 hours)
Overnight in Aswan

Day - 6: Thursday
Early morning go to visit Aswan tourist sites, the high dam the unfinished obelisk and Philae temple, or if you like to go to ( Abu Simbel temples, optional tour ), you can make it early morning then Aswan visit ( Aswan Abu Simbel is 3 hours by car )
Direct sail to Edfu
Overnight on board

Day - 7: Friday
Sailing day to Esna
Overnight Esna

Day - 8: Saturday
Disembarkation in Esna after breakfast, then direct private transfer from Esna to any other destination in Luxor city, such as Luxor airport or train station or hotels.

Cruise Facilities

With a décor of elegant luxury; the Jaz Yakouta features six spacious luxurious cabins, are 22 m2, All cabins are air-conditioned giving you the real taste of intimate luxury and relaxed private holiday, Jaz Yakouta Cabins are equipped with private W/C, bathtub and hair dryer.Room service International Telephone ( extra charge )Individual interactive TV. , Satellite channels.
Panoramic large windows Safety deposit boxes Laundry service & house keeping, Sun Deck ,24 hours reception, Doctor on call, Internet service (against charge)


    Accommodation on board Jaz Yakouta Dahabiya cruise on allinclusive soft drink.
    All the tours to the mentioned tourist sites in our Dahabiya itinerary tours along the Nile cruise journey
    Day tours to visit Luxor Karnak temple and Luxor temples
    Guided tour to visit Edfu temple as per cruise itinerary
    Guided tour to visit Kom Ombo temple as per the Dahabiya cruise itinerary
    Tour to visit Philae temple, High Dam & Aswan granite quarries with its unfinished obelisk
    Trip to visit Elephantine island & Botanical Gardens in Aswan
    Entrance fees to all the tourist sites between Esna and Aswan are included
    Professional Egyptologist tour guide on board Dahabeya
    All the dahabeya Service charges and all applicable taxes


    Egypt Visa 
    Personal Expenses
    Tipping kitty for ship crew


Children policy: 6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the price

0 - 05.99 is 100 % Free of Charge

What to carry with you?

Passport valid for More than 6 months

Cotton or linen clothes in summer and Warm clothes in winter

Hat, Sunblock, Sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

Camera / Video Camera Mobile phone is better if you have what sup application to be easier to contact you

Note: There will be extra during the peak periods (New Year, Easter & Christmas)

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