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Top 10 Attractions In Al Minya

El Minia History And Attractions, Things To do & visit in El Minia : Al Minia or Al Menya is a rich city of many Egyptian attractions, It is situated on the West Bank of the Nile, 245 kilometers to the South West of Cairo. El Minya is called the 'Bride of Upper Egypt' due to its location which is roughly at the border of Upper and Lower Egypt. Minia is one of the major governorates in Upper Egypt that encloses a number of important monuments that attract a large number of tourists for visiting it . It covers about 32279km and is not a densely populated area in comparison to other governorates . the economic resources of the city are driven from agriculture as well as soap , perfume and sugar manufactures. Minia has a wealth of archaeological sites worth visiting, and also has many facilities that can accommodate tourists, with great hotels along the corniche and some boats perfect for picnics. The historical and touristic importance of Minia comes from the fact that all ages of the Egyptian history: Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, Modern Kingdom, Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic, have left great and everlasting monuments everywhere on its land. Little is known today about Minia Governorate compared to its great wealth of important archaeological sites. Its remarkable history, including Ancient Egyptian, Hellenistic, Roman and Arab periods, has not yet received the full attention of scholars.

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