Christmas and New year celebration in Egypt and New year celebration in Egypt

Christmas and New year celebration in Egypt

All Egypt resorts and hotels in all the famous touristic cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan , Dahab, Sharm, Marsa Alam, Hurghada and more Over Christmas and New year  festive Season are ornamented with decorations such as New year  trees, dolls and lights with luxury festal buffets laid on with local Egyptian show such as belly Dancing , Tanoura show, Bedouin and Nubian shows, You can also go to enjoy last night of the year in Egyptian discos and casino.You can also enjoy the night in streets with Egyptian and see their joy by the new year

One of best ways to discover Egypt during New year and Christmas holidays is traveling in Egypt on board Nile Cruises, Egypt Nile cruises specialize in New year and Christmas festivities on board with lavish three meals per day served with a festive way and delicious food displays by professional Egyptian Chefs. Nile cruise ships obtain discos and night clubs and all of them organize wonderful Christmas and New year parties whilst sailing either between Luxor and Aswan or between Aswan and Abu Simbel, all Nile cruises organize Gallabyea party with the Egyptian traditional fancy dress ( Galabyia ). Cabins are often made to a stellar display by the Housekeeping to surprise the cruise guests ! When the cruise ship sail you can relax in your cabin or stick back on the top deck of the Cruise ship, and amuse your eyes and your soul by the Egyptian streets scenes of ] local people celebrating New year and Christmas.
Anywhere you choose to stay during New year and Christmas vacation in Egypt, you will enjoy these particular celebrations by the Christmas and New Year . Egyptians admire that for tourists, Christmas in their original countries is a remarkable feast.they are happy that tourists choose Egypt as a holiday destination in this event.
Whilst Egypt is mostly a Muslim country, there is abut 10% of the population are Christians, They celebrate Christmas as do all Christians in all the world. But the Christian in Egypt celebrate the Christmas later in  7th January