The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo ( El Mat-haf El Masry ), Explore what to see in Cairo Museum, Egyptian museum Cairo including master pieces from pre history, Old, Middle and new kingdom, Cairo Museum is located in Tahrir square, There are more than 120,000 pieces waiting for you

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

More than 110 years old, the Egyptian museum in Cairo is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East and houses the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world, The Egyptian museum in Cairo boasts an extensive collection of masterpieces spanning from the predynastic period through to the Greco -Roman era

Mummification and Mummies in Egypt

Mummification in Egypt, Pharaohs mummies and animal mummies in Egypt, The four different types of animals mummies provides us with many insights into the environment and culture of Ancient Egypt,They show that the ancient fauna was far richer and more diverse than what is found in Egypt today

The Egyptian Scribe in museum

The Egyptian Scribe in museum,the Egyptian museum includes few statues representing the Egyptian scribe, all of them sitting with crossed legs and it has to carry a ppen and a roll of papyrus, Egyptian scribe statues in the Egyptian museum are among the most important statues to see in museum

Narmer Palette in Cairo Museum

Narmer Palette, Famous also as the Great Hierakonpolis Palette or the Palette of Narmer-Men, Narmer Mena is the king who unified Upper and Lower Egypt 5000 years ago, and erected the first capital of Egypt ( Memphis ) which is Meet Rahina now, Narmer palette is a worthy Egyptian archeological discovery, Narmer palette dates to the 31st century BC. It includes somwhat of the earliest hieroglyphic inscriptions ever discovered

Menkaure Triad in the Egyptian Museum

5 triads were found in the area, three of them are in the Egyptian museum while the forth and the fragments of the fifth are  exhibited in the Boston museum of Fine Arts.King Menkaure is  represented standing between goddess Hathor and other local goddess of Egypt cities, He was represented wearing Upper Egypt crown ( the white crown ) and wearing a false royal beard and the royal short kilt called Å¡ndyt. The king also holding sticks

King Zoser Statue in the Egyptian Museum

King Zoser Statue in the Egyptian Museum, Details about what you will see in The Egyptian museum in Cairo, Cairo Egyptian museum important masterpieces King Zoser statue, It was found in Saqqara, Now King Zoser Statue is exhibited in the Egyptian museum in Cairo

Fayoum Portraits

Fayoum portraits,  A term that embodies a set of realistic images of characters drawn on coffins of Egyptian mummies in Faiyum during the period of the Roman presence in Egypt.
Portrait from Fayoum