The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Cairo Top Tourist Attractions

The Egyptian museum in Cairo is a must seen during any tours to Cairo, The Egyptian museum in Cairo is the richest museum of Egyptian antiquities in the whole world, it contains pharaonic treasures going back to 7,000 years & it is open daily, the gold and alabaster trappings from the tomb of Tutankhamun draw the crowds and there are people whose sole reason for visiting Egypt is to see them, there is no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip to go through this magnificent collection of rare jewelry & treasures of Tutankhamun, The must seen gallery in the Egyptian museum is Tut Ankh Amon section, King Tut tomb is the only intact tomb for a pharaoh, In 1922 King Tut Ankh Amon tomb discovery captivated the world, This discovery was the culmination of fifteen years search, which eventually uncovered 5 thousands antiques - includinging Tut Ankh Amon sarcophagus, the golden mask, the golden shrines, the gilded wood military chariots, Egyptologists are astonished about what king Tut objects can inform us about the high technology of Ancient Egypt,Malek, a famous archaeologist said : There is a great difference between looking at a representation of a chair on the walls of temples and tombs, and being able to study that particular object in reality

The most important pieces to see

From Old kingdom:

King Zoser Statue
The Original statue of king Zoser is in the Egyptian museum in Cairo, It was found in the Serdab rom behind the step pyramid in Saqqara, Now there is a replica in the original place, The statue represent king Zoser wearing the Heb Sed festival clothes, his eyes were inlaid with precious stones, but unfortunately they were stolen

Khafre Statue or Chephren statue

It is made of the diorite stone which is very hard to use it to make such a perfect statue, It was found in the valley temple close to the Sphinx, Now is located in The Egyptian museum in Cairo and it is one of the most famous museums masterpieces representing king Chephren or Kafre who erected the middle pyramid in Giza area, he has strong muscles and protected by the falcon representing Horus (Behind his head), his throne is decorated with both lotus and papyrus flowers to represent that he is ruling Upper and Lower Egypt

Ra Hotep and Nofert 

Rahotep and Nefert or nofret- Cairo, They were considered From most important masterpieces to see in The Egyptian museum from Old kingdom, Rahotep and his wife Nofret were found in the Rahoteps mastaba to the north of the pyramid of Maidum, The statues showing us the beauty of the Egyptian women more than 4000 years ago, fascinating dress, beautiful wig, nice collar, floweres adecorating the wig.

It is also showing us the difference of coloures between men and women of high class community as men were represented darker than their wives who stay in palaces surrounded by servants to help them, while men are represented in darker colour to represent their responsibility towards their family, so they work under the sun with their sons while their wives and daughter are relaxing at home.

Later in New kingdom Queen Hatshepsut will make a religious revolution against this system and represent her self in dar colour and will wear the beard of kings to say that she is equal to men and she can be responsible of ruling Egypt the same as him