Dahshur Bent, Red & Black pyramids

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Info and tours about Dahshur pyramids area is the place where you will see the bent pyramid, it was the first trial to build areal pyramid and not step pyramid as that one of Saqqara, there also you will see the red pyramid which is the first real pyramid in all the Egyptian history, all the two pyramids are belonging to king Snefru father of Cheops the king who has the big pyramid in Giza, in the same area of Dahshur there are small other tombs and pyramids as the Black pyramid famous as the Chocolate pyramid

Dahshur Pyramids are best example to show you how building the pyramids was taking long time and different trials to arrive the real form of a pyramid, Dahshur is the place where you will see the bent pyramid, the red pyramid and you are allowed to enter both of them with the area ticket, I mean no extra ticket to enter them as in Giza pyramids area and Saqqara area.

It is one of best hidden gyms of Cairo that you must see to understand how pyramids were built, Dahshur pyramids prove that not alliens built the Egyptian pyramids.

While Saqqara step pyramid is famous as the firsty pyramid ever erected, the red pyramid in Dahshur is the first real pyramiid ever erected.

While the red pyramid is showing us the first trial to erect a real pyramid, the bent pyramid shows us the first attempt of Egyptian to build an amazing building that can stand for thousands and thousands of years looking like the sun rays symbol of eternity, and also protect the Egyptian kings mummies. Bent pyramid ancient name was the Southern shine of his pyramid, its old colour was white colour as it was covered by limestone of high quality, it was shinning when sun rays reflect on it. The bent pyramid has different other names such as Sinfrw Ka Snefru which means that king Snefru is shining from south Egypt. Both bent and red pyramids were erected about 2700 Bc for king Snefru father of Cheops, Snefru is the only king who has 2 pyramids. The bent pyramid is 105 meters high, about 47 meters then after changing its angle there are other 58 meters

Both Red pyramid and bent pyramid are belonging to king Snefru father of Cheops, Not so far from them there is the black pyramid which is belonging to king Amenmhat from Middle kingdom.