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Islamic Cairo Tour

Islamic Cairo tours covering big area of Cairo, but best places are Muizz street, Salibah street, tour to Ibn Tolun mosque, Sultan Hassan mosque, Khan Khalili market, amuse your eyes by Mohamed Aly alabaster mosque in citadel, it is a mixture of Mamluk, monuments, old mosques, ols schools, ld streets and houses

 Islamic Cairo attractions, Things to see & visit in Islamic Cairo, Amr ibn al-A'as , an Arabic leader conquered Egypt in 641 and became the first Arabic leader ruling Egypt, At that time Alexandria was the capital & it was no Cairo.
But the Arab decided to establish a new capital on the Nile east bank, and they called it Al Fustat city where it was built the first mosque in all Africa Amr ibn al-A'as mosque

 Later other rulers added more new capitals, mosques and palaces in the area around Amr mosque.
Different rulers added other new capitals very close to Fustat, in 969 the Fatimid chaliphate ruled Egypt, they built Cairo to be their capital and Cairo became the cultural , political & religious centre for their state, the location of the area which was choosen to build Cairo it is where are located now many important Islamic attractions such as Khan El Khalili market, Shari Al Muizz, which is a very old street full of many old mosques 7 Islamic buildings, and it extend to the famous street Al Azhar street where is located the most famous Fatimid mosque Al Azhar mosque, later on Egypt was ruled by the Ayyubid & the Mamluk dynasty , then the Ottoman Empire, but during these different three periods of Cairo history no one thought about changing the capital or building new Capital, So we can say that Cairo was developed of continuous extensions of the first Islamic capital Al Fustat, and  because every new ruler wanted to show to the Egyptian that he is religious & good man, so you will find many Islamic attractions in Cairo, most of these islamic attractions are mosques, schools ( Madrasa ) or Sabil ( a place used in  the past to offer free water for any one , you can say it is equal to the mineral water now but free water ), most books mean the area built by Muizz when they speak about Islamic Cairo attractions, but really there are more Islamic attractions out of it also if that area is always the best choice if you prefer the walking tours, but not so far from it there are the Mamluk monuments, one of the best Islamic attractiond from the Manmluk period is Sultan Hassan mosque, infront of it there is Al Rifaii mosque which is not very old , only 100 years ago but it deserve to be visited.

Then of course if you go to Old Cairo to visit Coptic Cairo, you can walk only few minutes to arrive the oldest mosque in Africa Amr Ibn As mosque, or go to Qalaa square to visit Saladin citedel & Muhammed Ali mosque inside it, from Al  Qalaa ( Cairo citadel ), you can see  the best panorama for most Islamic attractions in Cairo, you can see again Sultan Hassan & Rifai mmosques, & the beginning of Al Saliba street where are located many old mosques, Sabil & schools, the best one of them is Ibn Tolun mosque which was built 1200 years ago & it is the biggest mosque in all Egypt. Here we offer you a list with best Islamic attractions in Cairo, best places to visit & see in Cairo, if you have very short time and you cant decide easily what to do or see, we suggest to you  one of the following, Muizz street, Ibn Tolun mosque in Saliba street, Sultan Hassan mosque & Muhammed Ali mosque in Cairo citadel