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Visit Egypt's pyramids and museums, then from Day 4 till day 10 relish the best things to do in Egypt Dahab Excursions, Visit Egypt temples from Nile cruise, Safari trip to visit Egypt Whales valley, Wadi El Weshwash, Visit Egypt monastery St Catherine, Masbate markets, visit Egypt, Relish things to do in Egypt, Pathfinder all its mysterious secrets, You will cherish our unique experience to visit Egypt, Our masterly tour operator will lead you to do and see best things to do in Egypt, visit Egypt from Nile cruise tours, things to do in Egypt Red sea, Nile Cruise


Day 1 Arrival - Welcome to Egypt, Visit Egypt Tour Package
Dear Visitors, You will be warmly saluted upon your arrival at Cairo airport by World Tour Advice tourism Responsible! Now You acumen the scent of history and start traveling back in time, Our delegate will issue your entry visa and escort you through customs & immigration, then you will be escorted from the airport to your hotel by private air-conditioned deluxe van, kick back, unwind on your way to your hotel, It is so motivating to visit Cairo (Egypt Capital called by its inhabitant Al Qahira ) a bustling city which buzzes with thriving bazaars, Check in hotel, then enjoy a flavorsome dinner.

Day 2 Red Pyramid, Bent Pyramid, Step Pyramid Tours

Meet your guide, drive to Memphis, See the huge statue of Ramses II and the dazzling alabaster sphinx, Take the time to walk amongest the multitudinous stalls vending souvenirs, Now proceed to visit Egypt pyramids, but note that while Visiting the ravishing pyramids and the stunning Sphinx in Giza is among best things to do in Egypt, but They are not the only pyramids to be visited, Today We collected for you the most famous pyramids to visit in Egypt, Today You will visit the bent, the red, the step pyramids and You will see Unas, Teti and The black pyramids,  After Memphis museum Your guide will take you in a trip to Saqqara to visit Imhotep museum, the step pyramid, the Hb Sed building and Kagemni mastaba or other similar mastaba, If Unas pyramid is opened You can go inside it,  If You like to explore the Serapium of Apis ( It is optional ), Proceed tour to Dahshur, Entree in the Red Pyramid is included, wandering around the bent pyramid known also as the ( Liar pyramid ), There You will see also the black pyramid of Amenmhat, Lunch meal is served during or after tours

Day 3 Visit Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum ( Best things to do in Egypt )
Relish your flavoursome breakfast, then be ready soak up the glamour of Cairo city and Giza pyramids and tap into the energy of the Sahara desert around pyramids, Follow your personal encyclopaedia ( The tour guide, Expert in Egyptology, a private encyclopaedia that walk and talk ), drive to scout Giza pyramids, Each discovery in the area has an enchanting story, your guide will tell you about the area history, then riding dromedary to see the panorama of 9 pyramids, entry in Solar boat or in Cheops pyramid is optional but please inform us about if you like to do or no when you book our tour package, Visit the valley teple and the ambiguous Sphinx, proceed to see how ancient Egyptian were making paper from the papyrus plant, then lunch meal and visit the Egyptian museum, More than 110 years old, the egyptian museum in Cairo is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East and houses the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world, The Egyptian museum in Cairo boasts an extensive collection of masterpieces spanning from the predynastic period through to the Greco -Roman era.
Note You can choose between the Egyptian museum in Tahrir square or the grand museum in Giza ( When it will be opened, or both of them), Enjoy a delicious lunch meal during the day tour, transfer back to the hotel
Overnight in a hotel in Cairo

Day 4 - Best Things to do in Egypt- Fly to Dahab Red Sea Tours
Relish a luscious breakfast in Cairo followed by a transfer to the airport, fly to Sharm & Dahab ( The Golden City ) located on the Red sea, tap into the energy of its Stunning beaches hidden by the mountainous, Soak in its  turquoise sea, feel the relaxation of the steady sea breeze, Dahab is only 60 miles from Sharm, but it has its own mellower character, Today is free for leisure
Overnight in Dahab

Day 5 Egypt Holidays, Visit The blue hole in Dahab
Good morning, Relish your luscious breakfast, enjoy one of Egypt's most treasured diving destinations, and explore your piece of unspoiled paradise in this dazzling destination, a tour that will take your breath away, snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing during an outstanding optional tour to visit the golden city three pools, or the famed blue hole, one of best things to do in Dahab in Egypt, Get the ultimate adrenaline rush on these two tours to the blue hole or the three pools, There are other options such as a boat trip with 2 stops in best places for snorkeling, and beach buggies safari tours
Overnight in Dahab

Day 6 Visit Egypt monastery St, Catherine & Safari tour in Wadi Weshwash, Best Things to do in Egypt
Good morning, Relish early breakfast, or get your breakfast box with you, then start a super safari tour, first of all, visit Egypt's famed monastery of St Catherine, the Holy Great Martyr Catherine was the girl of Constus, the legislative leader of Alexandrian Egypt amid the rule of the sovereign Maximian (305-313). Living in the capital, the focal point of Hellenistic learning, she had an uncommon charm and cleverness, Catherine got phenomenal Learning, and She was killed because of her faith in Christianity, After her death, the angels carried her body to Sinai under the feet of Moses mountain, and from that time happened many miracles in the place, After St Catherine monastery tour,
Proceed adventure tour to Wadi El Weshwash, It is time to create dazzling and everlasting memories, you will walk among mountains and canyons for about 40 minutes, you will climb rocks from one level to higher level, sometimes it will be impossible to climb without a help, challenge yourself, you will find different stairs made by the bedouin who are working and living in the area, sometimes only ropes that help you to go ahead, follow your bedouin guide, he will show you the way, Climbing in Al Hajar Mountain, No matter whether you are a beginner or Intermediate climbers, at the end you will be breathtaking by what you will see at the end, it is the rain water created a stunning natural lake among the mountains stones, really in summer You will just walk, jump and climb to arrive to this lake, but in winter sometimes you have also to swim in the narrow canyons before climbing to arrive to this outstanding area, free time for swimming, back to your hotel, stop for a lunch on your way to hotel
 Overnight in Dahab

Day 7 Best Things to do in Egypt- - From Dahab to Luxor Nile Cruise Holiday
A flavorful breakfast in Dahab hotel, transfer to Sharm, fly to Exquisite Luxor the ancient Thebes, a city of 100 & 100 gates, where the ancient monuments fill the air with mesmerizing and intriguing aromas of history, You will be escorted to your Nile cruise before lunchtime, Enjoy a luscious lunch meal on board and meet your guide to explore the ancient Thebes,
Today relish a tour of the enormous Temple of Karnak. one of the Egypt’s superb ancient temples, Strolling through the massive Court into the Great Hypostyle Hall in Karnak temple, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the 134 columns towering above you like an antique forest. At the back of the complex, you will see the holy lake where centuries ago it was used for purification. After touring the Karnak temples complex, you will have more free time to reconnoiter at leisure. Stir to Luxor Temple which was revealed by Mariette in 1860 and was once connected to the Temples of Karnak by a two-kilometer long Avenue of Sphinx.  A pure Egyptian temple, the internal walls, and columns are adorned with knotted hieroglyphics which your masterly guide will assist you to decipher. Find out how Alexander the Great recorded himself into Luxor Temple’s history, and set your eyes on one of the original pair of obelisks, the second of which now stands on the Concorde square in Paris
Overnight in Luxor - Lunch- Dinner meals
Opt tours Sound and light show or tour to banana island

Day 8 Luxor West Bank Tours From Nile cruise
You can opt to float over Luxor temples in a hot air balloon to relish views of Egypt's most scenic landscapes, It is an adventure framed by pure blue skies over Luxor, Then start your circuit in Luxor West Bank; where 64 ancient Egyptian pharaohs lie entombed in the Valley of Kings and the most famous tomb was the only intact tomb found in the valley and belonging to king Tut Ankh Amen, It was revealed by the Archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.
If you want to enter King Tutankhamun and Ramses VI's tombs, a supplementary cost is payable immediately during the tour. West bank’s tour also encompasses the staggering Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s only female ruler, rising out of the desert plain in a series of terraces. Relish a free period to reconnoiter at your leisure as you stroll the massive courtyards and marvel at the complicated hieroglyphic frills. you’ll also enamor the Colossi of Memnon Standing like guards along the way to the Valley of Kings, impressive memorials of Amenhotep soar 75 feet above the desert yellow sands. You will cruise to Edfu via Esna dam. Relish your afternoon tea and snacks out on the sun deck, and bask in the sun,  Tonight, enjoy a specific Egyptian Galabeyya Party. Overnight in Edfu
Overnight in Edfu - Breakfast-lunch-dinner

Day 9 Edfu and Kom Ombo tours from Nile cruise

Today your masterly tour guide, an Expert in Egyptology will guide you to reconnoiter the gorgeous Temple of Horus at Edfu, the falcon-headed god, Edfu temple is the most completely preserved Pharaonic temple (albeit Greek-built).  According to Ancient Egyptian legends, the Edfu temple was the site where the falcon-headed god Horus revenged the homicide of his father Osiris by killing Set. Relish an absorbing lunch while sailing to Kom Ombo which is devoted to the crocodile god Sobek and you can still see the mummies of an ancient mummified crocodile, which was venerated here thousands of years ago. Kom Ombo temple was erected in honor of two gods the crocodile-headed Sobek, god of fertility and innovator of the world, and Haroeris, or the ancient falcon-headed Horus. Then, quit for the picturesque sailing to Aswan and overnight in Aswan.

Day 10 Aswan sightseeing tours from Nile cruise
Relish a leisurely breakfast, Starting your tour by visiting Aswan high dam, an engineering miracle when it was erected by President Nasser in the 1960s, Aswan Dam ( Al Sad Al aali ) is an embankment dam existing across the river the Nile in Aswan, Egypt. it was erected to dominate the water flowing of the Nile river, it creates a huge logo behind it ( Nasser lake ), The High Dam was constructed since 1960, and only after few years of building it, it has had a worthy effect on the economy and culture of Egypt, Relish the splendid landscape along the river, peek have a glimpse of the world-famed Aswan High Dam, 10 minutes free time for walking on the bank, take the best photos of Aswan dam, the guide will tell you more about the background of the history of the river Nile and Aswan dam.
Stir to the awe-inspiring antique granite quarries and site of the Unfinished Obelisk. Illustrating the talent of Egypt’s stonemasons, this monolith is one-third more towering than any other ancient Egyptian obelisk. Now ride a motorized vessel to Philae Temple on the island of Agilika. This heavenly complex was consecrated to the Goddess Isis and reflects a melting of three great civilizations — Egyptian, Greek, and Roman.
Thereafter, Relish the peace and quietness of the felucca Nile sailing ride in Aswan. Enjoy the sunset and high tea and snacks in the same place where Agatha Christie wrote her famed mystery fiction, Death on the Nile, and taste the flavor of the Imperial age when famous guests such as Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill stayed on Nile cruises tours.
Overnight in Aswan
Breakfast, Lunch, dinner
Optional tour to witness Sound and light show in Philae or Abu Simbel tour from Aswan

Day 11 Check out, End of Nile cruise Blue Shadow holiday
You can opt to travel either by flight or Ac coach to witness the majesty of Abu Simbel temples, Early check out followed by breakfast, transfer to Aswan airport & fly to Cairo, transfer to your hotel
Overnight in Cairo 

Day 12 Optional tours to Whales valley ( Wadi Hitan 
Relish a luscious breakfast, then a free day for leisure, or enjoy a safari tour to Whales valley ( wadi hitman ) and wadi el Rayan protective area, 
Overnight in Cairo

Day 13 - End of our Visit Egypt tour package
Early breakfast followed by direct transfer to Cairo international airport for final departure


    Our Holiday to visit Egypt includes
    - Airport meeting and assistance service in Cairo, Sharm, Aswan, Luxor as itinerary of world tour advice
    - All Egypt airports transfers by modern vans
    - Accommodation 4 nights in Cairo B.B
    - Accommodation 4 nights in Nile cruise F.b
    - Accommodation 4 nights in Dahab H.F
    - All sightseeing tours as per itinerary
    - Private tour guide in Cairo and during Nile cruise tours
    - Meals as per itinerary
    - All Egypt holidays taxes
    - Flights tickets from Cairo to Sharm, from Sharm to Luxor, from Aswan to Cairo
    - Anything mentioned in our package of visiting and holiday in Egypt 


    - Anything not aforementioned  in world tour advice itinerary
    - Beverages and meals not mentioned
    - Anything not mention in our itinerary
    - Optional tours
    - Tipping, recommended but not obligatory


Children policy: 6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the price

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Passport valid for More than 6 months

Cotton or linen clothes in summer and Warm clothes in winter

Hat, Sunblock, Sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

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