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Best Cruises For Kids, Nile cruises ships take tourists on a magical ride through a fabulous realm, Amuse yourself and your kids with exotic enchantment during the Nile river tour,  Relish the Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan which is a radiant idea to scout South Egypt, explore its oldest civilizations over Nile banks when you stare at  Memnon Colossi or Luxor Temple, walk through the forest of columns and more with Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise


Best Nile Cruises For Kids

Day 1 Welcome to Egypt
Please inform us during the booking time what is the best souvenir for your kids, because the world tour advice representative will not be alone in the airport waiting for your arrival, He will be waiting for you with small Egyptian souvenirs for our kings ( I mean your kids ), Here are examples of Our Egyptian souvenirs for kids ( Camel statue, Tut Ankh Amon statue, Nefertiti statue, Book about any place in Egypt, pyramids statues or mummy statue )
Upon arrival You will be accompanied by (a World Tour rep in Cairo ), then by a modern Ac van he will transfer you from the airport to the hotel, You will drive Cairo streets which is one of the biggest cities in the world, with about 25 million people living in Cairo, it is the city never sleep, and the queen of contrasts, You will have a rest in the hotel, then meet him again to go to dinner on board Nile cruise ship in Cairo, Overnight in Cairo

Day 2 From Cairo to Luxor, Nile cruise holiday
Breakfast in the hotel, and meet a world tour advice representative, who will escort you to Cairo airport to take a domestic flight to Luxor, Flight will be a direct flight 1 hour, upon arrival to Luxor You will meet another World tour advice representative who will take you to your Nile cruise ship to meet your tour guide who will start tours in Luxor before lunch meal at 1:00 Pm, Check-in will be directly after or before lunch meal, Tours with your tour guide will be a great chance for you and your kids to discover the best temples in Luxor East which were used as temples to worship to gods and not as funerary temples as all temples on Luxor west bank.
Luxor East bank temples are the 2 temples of Luxor and Karnak dedicated to the god Amon and Goddess Mut.
After lunch meal, there is free time for leisure and cruises activities, such as a swimming pool, disco for children and adults where there are different parties and activities every day after dinner  ( The most famous party in Egypt cruises is the Gallabyia party, Gallabyia is a traditional Egyptian dress)
Breakfast- lunch- dinner

Day 3 Luxor West bank tours, Best Nile Cruises For Kids
Breakfast at the cruise ship restaurant, and meet your guide who will take your family and your children on a tour of the past of Egypt discovering queen Hatshepsut's temple, Queen Hatshepsut was a woman who acted as a man to be able to rule Egypt, Hatshepsut was dressing as a man and was wearing the false beard as a man, She was able to convince Egyptian people that she is the son of god Amon, Her holy birthday was represented in different places in the temple, and she was represented sucking milk from Hathor goddess of motherhood on the walls of her time but her son in law damaged all Hatshepsut statues and holy representation, Why and how the temple was restored? This is what We will discover with your kids during the tour
After Hatshepsut temple, proceed on a cruise tour to discover the Valley of kings Where You will see the secret places which were used for New kingdom tombs, There it was discovered also the intact tomb of king Tut ( The Child king ) who ruled Egypt when he was 9 years old, King Tut treasure is exhibited now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and it will be included in your tours in Cairo after the cruises tour, Many tourists ask us where is a pyramid of king Tut, Remember that pyramids were built as tombs for kings of Egypt during the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom but in New kingdom Pharaohs of Egypt stopped building pyramids and they caved their tombs in the mountains, that is why king Tut has no pyramid but only he has a tomb in the valley of kings in Luxor.
Why did Egyptian pharaohs stop building pyramids in the New kingdom?
This is another question that your tour guide will answer during your cruise tours with your kids in Egypt
Proceed tour to Memnon colossi, free time to take photos with the huge colossi representing Amonhotep 3rd, they were erected in front of his funerary temple which was completely damaged and remains only its ruins.
Return to the cruise ship for a lunch meal, free time for relaxation and leisure, sailing from Luxor to Esna, Overnight in Esna

Day 4 Crossing Esna dam, Tour to Edfu and Kom Ombo
Breakfast, crossing Esna dam, arrival to Edfu which is the temple of Horus the falcon god, There was a theatre for religious plays
representing war between evil and good, the Nile meter, the statues of the god falcon, leaving the temple, a walking tour in the market of Edfu, transfer by horse carriage to the cruise ship, sailing, lunch meal, proceed sailing to Kom Ombo, tour to Kom Ombo temple which is dedicated to the crocodile god and Horus god, it is divided between 2 gods, there you will see the mummies of crocodiles, the palette of the medical instruments, back to cruise, free time for leisure in the cruise ship, dinner meal and Overnight in Kom Ombo

Day 5 Aswan, Best Nile Cruises For Kids
Sailing to Aswan, breakfast n board, arrival at Aswan, tours to Aswan high dam, Philae temple, and the unfinished obelisk, return to cruise, lunch meal, then felucca tour to visit the botanical garden, back to cruise ship, dinner meal and overnight in Aswan

Day 6 End of cruise tours and fly to Cairo
Breakfast, check out, free time for an optional tour to Abu Simbel or the Pharaonic village, and transfer to Aswan airport  to fly to Cairo, upon arrival to Cairo our world tour advice representative will meet you, then You will be escorted to your hotel in Cairo, Overnight in Cairo

Day 7 Cairo tour, Best Nile Cruises For Kids
Breakfast, enjoy your day tour to discover Cairo tourist sites accompanied by your professional tour guide, discover the Giza pyramids, and the Sphinx and go to see the treasure of King Tut Ankh Amon in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, lunch meal will be included, return to your hotel in Cairo

Day 8 Alexandria tour, Best Nile Cruises For Kids
Breakfast, meet your professional tour guide who will take you on a tour to discover some of the most important places not only in Egypt, but in all the world such as Alexandria library, or the original place of Pharos, the lighthouse which was one of the 7 wonders of Ancient world, On its place now is erected the fortress of Qaitbye, You will visit Qaitbye citadel, Pompey pillar, the Catacombs, Muntazah palaces and gardens, lunch meal, then back to Cairo
Overnight in Cairo

Day 9 Final departure
Breakfast, meet world tour advice representative, transfer to Cairo airport for final departure


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