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Relish 2 days private guided tours in Cairo ( Al Qahirah ), Cairo city tour with a private tour guide, Scout Cairo with masterly private guide, Cairo is Vibrant and bursting with colors, Cairo embraces Egypt’s fascinating cultures, showing great pride in its enchanting history, Cairo private guided tours to visit Giza, Saqqara pyramids, Badrashin museum, Egyptian museum, Old Cairo & Jaharkas Khalil old market  with World tour advice.


Cairo 2 days Private Guided Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Cairo city private guided tour- Museum, Old Cairo
Relish the happiness of private guided tour with your private tour guide and scout ( Al Qahirah ) Cairo city tour with a private tour guide, Cairo is Vibrant and bursting with colors, Cairo embraces Egypt’s fascinating cultures, showing great pride in its enchanting history, Your private tour guide will meet you early morning at your hotel, then direct transfer by modern AC van to start the day by visiting the Egyptian museum in Cairo,  the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, It is located north of Tahrir square, The Egyptian museum in Cairo is the richest museum of Egyptian antiquities in the whole world, it contains pharaonic treasures going back to 7,000 years & it is open daily, the gold and alabaster trappings from the tomb of Tutankhamun draw the crowds and there are people whose sole reason for visiting Egypt is to see them, there is no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip to go through this magnificent collection of rare jewelry & treasures of Tutankhamun, The must seen gallery in the Egyptian museum is Tut Ankh Amon section, King Tut tomb is the only intact tomb for a pharaoh, In 1922 King Tut Ankh Amon tomb discovery captivated the world, This discovery was the culmination of fifteen years search, You will be astonished about what king Tut objects can inform us about the high technology of Ancient Egypt, enjoy half an hour Nile tour in felucca or motor boat, then accompanied by your private tour guide proceed trip to visit Old Cairo, stir to reconnoiter Old Cairo, It is the area where there are old holy buildings belonging to the three religions ( Christian churches, Old mosque and Old Synagogue ), It is known as Coptic Cairo, because there are many old Coptic churches in the area
During our tour in Old Cairo, Your private tour guide will take you to see Babilion fortress ruins and towers, then tour to the Hanging Church, it one of the oldest and most popular historical churches of Egypt, and It was erected on the top of Babylon towers, visit also the church where is located the Crypt of the Christian holy family, proceed  your guided tour to visit Saladin citadel, The Citadel ( Al Qalaa in Arabic ) a in Arabic ) was built as as military fortress by  ( Salah El Din El Ayoubi - Saladin), He erected it to protect Cairo from the Crusaders. The fortress was built on hill to enable soldiers to see attackers, Later on it became not only a military place but also a Royal residence, Al Malek El Kamel was the first king to live in the citadel palaces . In the 1860s, Egypt ruler Khedive Ismail ( grand son of Mohammed Aly pacha ) left his palace in the Citadel of Cairo into his own new palace in Abdeen. From then on the Citadel of Cairo was no longer used as the residence of the Egyptian rulers or the Egyptian government, lunch meal will be included during the tour, walking tour in the old market Khan El Khalili,transfer to your hotel by private AC van
Day 2 Giza Pyramids, Saqqara and Memphis Tour
Your first day tour will be dedicated to scout Cairo west bank where are located  Giza pyramids, Saqqara and Memphis museum in El Badrasheen village, Relish the happiness of Cairo private guided tour with your masterly private tour guide,and scout the only thing still in exist from the ancient wonders of the world, Start your Day tour by meeting your knowledgeable Egyptologist tour guide in the hotel in Cairo, Worldtouradvice will make all your wishes come true to reconnoiter the secrets of the mysterious Pyramids of Giza, The ancient Egyptian pharaohs believed in the afterlife and this was why they erected such huge Pyramids to protect the bodies of the deceased after death. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs built theirs tombs in a form of a pyramid during Old and Middle kingdoms, These massive pyramids were erected by pharaohs to withstand time, Relish an excursion to The Pyramids of Giza Pyramids of Khufu, Kafra & Menkaure.proceed tour to visit the Great Sphinx, head of a man & body of a lion, representing symbols of being intelligent and strong, it was the guardian of the pyramids,while some archaeologists say it was scared minimum 2000 before building pyramids, lunch will be served at typical restaurant in Cairo. Papyrus institute, Proceed your Cairo guided tour to Saqqara pyramid complex, where your tour guide will take you to see the Heb Sed building, kagemni Mastaba and the Step pyramid dedicated to king Zoser who ruled Egypt 5000 years ago, Saqqara step pyramid is the first pyramid ever erected in all Egypt, Proceed your Cairo private guided tour with your Egyptian private tour guide to visit Memphis museum, Memphis or ( Manf ) is located 22 kilometers south Giza pyramids in a small Egyptian village ( El Badr Sheen ), Memphis was the first capital erected in Egypt after unification between Upper and lower Egypt, It was surrounded by a white stunning wall, that is why it was called ( Inbu Hedg ) which means the white walls, then Mn Nefer ( The stunning place ), Now most of the elements of the ancient city were lost, but there are few important things to see in its opened museum, The main things to see in Memphis are the huge statue of Ramses II, the alabaster Sphinx, the triad of Memphis ( Ptah, Sekhmet and Khonsu )under the Sycamore tree in the museum garden , The sycamore tree was a holy tree for ancient Egyptian Lunch meal will be included during the tour, End of your tour direct private transfer to your hotel in Cairo


    Cairo 2 days Private Guided Tour Includes

    - Picking up you from your hotel in Cairo by your private tour guide

    - All your Cairo guided tours transfers will be by modern AC van

    - All entrance tickets to the following places ( Giza pyramids , Saqqara pyramid complex, Memphis, Cairo Egyptian museum, Saladin citadel and Old Cairo sites ) as per itinerary

    Note entrance inside Cheops pyramid, solar boat museum, mummies hall, Mereruca mastaba or the serapium are with additional tickets , please inform us when you book your tour about if you want to add one or more item to your itinerary

    - Lunch meal will be included during day tours, 2 lunch meals

    - Mineral water on board during the tours

    - English speaking private tour guides, all our tour guides has diploma in Egyptology, and license from the ministery of tourism in Egypt

    Note if you want us to book your hotel in Cairo We can book it for you at a good price, if you need to book a domestic flight from anywhere in Egypt to come to visit Cairo, we can help you to book your flight or any other kind of transfers to or from Cairo city


    Cairo 2 days Private Guided Tour Excludes

    - Optional Tours

    - Tipping , recommended, but not included

    - Anything not mentioned in our tour itinerary


Cairo 2 days Private Guided Tou Children rPolicy:
6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the Nile cruise price
0 - 05.99 is 100 % Free of Charge

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