Winter Nile Cruise Tour & Red Sea

Holidays to Egypt in October 2023 ,2024


Soak up the atmosphere of Red sea and Winter Nile cruises sunny holidays, Find your perfect dose of winter sun, embrace the rustic charm of Cairo tour and Pyramids trip, Gain your fix of vitamin D during Winter Red sea and Nile cruises tour, Winter season holidays from October till end of April



y 1 Arrival Egypt - Sunny Winter Holiday

Once your flight touch Egypt land, will be met by your Worldtouradvice holiday manager who will issue the visa (included),  escorting you through customs & immigration and arrange a private  transfer to your hotel. Enjoy time at your leisure.
Overnight in Cairo

Day 2 Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Solar Boat & Islamic Cairo Sunny tours
Relish a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, embark on a coach ride to West Cairo to Giza, with your masterly tour guide ( Expert in  Egyptology ) for a trip of the unparalleled Great Pyramid and ambiguous Sphinx. Cheops Great Pyramids it is the only survivor of the Ancient world 7 Wonders. Entree in  the Khufu Boat Museum is included, and witness the Pharaoh’s painstakingly restored “Cheops Solar boat” that Egyptian archaeologists unearthed alongside Cheops great pyramid in 1954. Climb up on dromedary ( Arabian camel with one hump back ) for the ride of your life! Next,get photos of life touching the top of pyramid, carrying the pyramids and more stunning photos, Then it is time to entree one of the 2 pyramids ( Either Chephren or Menkaure ), entry in  to the pyramids chambers where Pharaohs mummies  were buried in . The remainder of the day tour you will go to  to explore Islamic Cairo. Your masterly tour guide will accompany youto visit the unparalleled area in Islamic Cairo, the red and yellow streets of Cairo, which is known in Arabic as Darb Asfar and the Darb Ahmar, The yellow street (Al Asfar Darb) is the most ancient quarter in Islamic Cairo, this region hosts many interesting trades and crafts, It is a walking tour of about an hour to explore the past and present of Cairo city, You willsee Zuwailah gate which is one of the ancient gates of Fatimid Cairo, and go further to visit  Cairo Seragists Market called Sourojia Market which produces all kinds of leather. Arrival to Muizz street, It is unmatched experience of a walking tour Amongst the chaotic hustle and bustle of central Cairo, delve even deeper in Cairo city , meet local people, Your guide will show you  the mosque and the school of Barqouq in Nahhasin, the Mosque of the satellites, the Mosque of the Saleh Talai, Qalaoon complex, During your tour enjoy a sumptuous lunch in Naguib Mahfouz restaurant, one of the extremely fine Egyptian restaurant in Cairo, Relish tea with Mint at El Fishawi caffe shop, Proceed tour to visit Khan El Khalili Jaharkas market, Back to hotel
Overnight in Cairo

Day 3 From Cairo to Hurghada
Relish your sumptuous breakfast, meet Worldtouradvice tour manager, Be ready to Gain your fix of vitamin D in South Egypt, Our tour manager will escort you to the airport by modern Ac private coach, fly to Hurghada, Upon arrival to Hurghada, you will be escorted to your hotel in Hurghada, Relish  the atmosphere of Red sea  sunny weather  find your perfect dose of winter sun, embrace the rustic charm of Hurghada Red Sea tours, The remainder of the day is for leisure
Overnight in Hurghada

Day 4 Hurghada Holiday, Sindbad Submarine tour
Marvel at the underwater life of the Red Sea, The Sindbad submarine will enable you to delve even deeper to touch Hurghada Red sea marine life diversity, After Sindbad marine tour our tour manager will take you for one hour walking tour either in the New Marina or in Al Mamsha El Syahi in Hurghada, If You do not like to walk, You will find numerous coffee shops in the area, Sit back, Soak up the sun, We invite you to try one of the traditional Egyptian beverages such as Karkadih or tea with mint, Sahlab or others, back to hotel, enjoy hotel facilities, or go to the beach for more dose of vitamin D, Soak up the sun, Sit back
Overnight in Hurghada

Day 5 Hurghada Sunny Tour to Giftun Island
Relish your sumptuous breakfast in hotel, then You’ll be picked up from your hotel by WorldTourAdvice tour manager and be escorted to your boat, captain and crew will be waiting to welcome you on board. The boat will then start sailing & take you to the most ravishing sites of the Red sea to explore the marine life diversity, It will stop twice for free time for snorkeling in the sea, then take you out to the Giftun island. Soak up the sun, or sit back and relax along the way.
Overnight in Hurghada

Day 6 From Hurghada To Luxor  - Winter Nile Cruises Sunny Holidays
Relish a sumptuous breakfast in hotel, then You will be met by Worldtouradvice tourism manager, drive about 3 hours from Hurghada to Luxor by modern AC private coach, Arrival to Luxor city,then you will be met by Worldtouradvice masterly private tour guide ( Expert in Egyptology )  then escorted to board your Nile cruise. Relish your sumptuous Lunch on board the cruise, then your Egyptologist guide takes you to the unbeaten complex  of numerous ancient temples at karnak. Relish Walking tour through this dazzling open-air museum and into the  exquisite Great Court into the breathtaking Great Hypostyle hall known as the forest of columns, Visit the  ancient place which was the temple zoo, Soak up the sun and sit back in the holy lake area, Free time for leisure and photos, wrap around the famous huge scarab of the temple and make a wish ( Scarabs for ancient Egyptian were symbol of good luck ) , Stir tour to luxor temple erected in the 14th century BC and it was connected to the Karnak complex by the awe-inspiring long Avenue of sphinxes with the head of Khnum ( The ram ) Back to your cruise ship, Enjoy the oriental party, Egyptian la cuisine, Bellydancer and Tanoura traditional dance show
Overnight in Luxor

Day 7 Luxor East Bank Tour- Winter Nile Cruises Sunny Holidays
Relish sumptuous breakfast on board before heading out to scout Luxor with World Tour Advice masterly tour guide, Tour to the renowned rock hewn 64 tombs for pharaohs of New kingdom, These tombs are located on Luxor West Bank and well known as tombs of valley of kings, Proceed to visit to the rock-cut temple of Al Deir El Bahari which was the funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s only female pharaoh. Stop for photo at the area of Amenhotep III mortuary temple, The only thing still in exist are his 2 huge colossi famous now as Colossi of Memnon. Sailing upstream from Luxor to Edfu via Esna lock, Note that watching the boat crossing the lock is really unparalleled experience, do not loose it and overnight in Edfu.

Day 8 Edfu and Kom Ombo Tours- Winter Nile Cruises Sunny Holidays
Enjoy the glistening scenery of the Nile while having breakfast, then ride horse-carriage to Edfu temple, It is the most conserved temple in Egypt and catch sight of the reliefs that characterize the coronation of the pharaohs , Edfu temple was dedicated to Horus, That is why You will see huge statues representing the falcon ( Symbol of god Horus), Relish the dazzling Nile breezes as your cruise sail to Kom Ombo and across iconic monuments on the river banks,  Now it is time to witness this double-temple that was  erected for the 2 different gods to the Crocodile-headed god of evil, Sobek, and the Falcon-headed god of good Horus, The temple represent the eternal conflict between good and evil also in the gods world.Next ,continue your Nile holiday sailing to Aswan .Entertain Galabeya party and overnight in Aswan.

Day 9 Aswan Tours- Winter Nile Cruises Sunny Holidays
Proceed your winter Nile tour with World Tour Advice masterly tour guide, It is time to explore Aswan sightseeing with a visit to Aswan High Dam and the granite Quarries, where Hatshepsut unfinished obelisk lies forsaken in the bedrock for more than 3500 years, then complete the day with a motorboat trip to the Temple dedicated to the goddess Isis of beautiful Philae Island .Overnight: Aswan.

Day 10 Check out of your Nile cruise - Check in Lake Nasser Cruise- Winter sunny Holiday
Breakfast on board the Nile Cruise, then disembarkation, Meet Worldtouradvice tour manager, You will be escorted to your Lake Nasser cruise, Ready for the best sunny tours in the world on Lake Nasser, Relish One of The Most Relaxing sunny holidays in Upper Egypt ( Nasser lake cruises, well known also as the Nubian lake) , check in the Eugenie lake cruise, gateway to a world of the Nubian history, Enjoying the lake as a means of transportation towards Abu Simbl, and as a place for excursions, Relish a sumptuous lunch, then accompany your tour guide to visit one of the largest Nubian temples, the Temple of Kalabshaa, then time to soak up in sun & chill out, Sailing to Wadi El Seboua and spend the remainder of the day enjoying tea party and live music performances in the lounge bar on board. overnight at Wadi El Seboua..

 Day 11: (Wadi El Seboua - Amada) -Ms Eugenie Cruise Boat Tours - Lake Nasser

Start your Day by sailing on lake Nasser to Wadi El Seboua ( The lions valley )  and cocktail while passing the Tropic of Cancer, Enjoy your lunch served on board the Eugenie cruise, The boat purvey a tempting selection of luscious buffet style dishes,
Enjoy fabulous views of the impressive lake scenery, historic places and romantic waterside Launch your Tour to visit  Wadi El Seboua templeWadi El Sebua,or Valley of the Lions (so-called because of the sphinx-lined in front  of the temple forecourts) , The temple is the position of two New Kingdom Egyptian temples, one of them is  speos temple erected by Ramses II ( Builder of Abu Simbel tempes), Proceed cruise trip to scout Dakka temple, Dakka is the site of the Greco-Roman Temple of Dakka, devoted to the Egyptian god Thoth, Thoth or Jhuti was god of wisdom and was represented either as an ibis or as a monkey.and temple of Meharakka which is an incomplete Roman temple, dedicated to the Alexandrian god Serapis, the temple of Meharkak is a unique temple because it contains the only spiral staircase in any ancient Egyptian structure, After the trip back to your cruise ship, Relaxation, Soak up the sun, Proceed sailing to Amada. Dinner and overnight aboard.

Day 12: (Kasr Ibrim - Abu Simbel) Nasser lake Tours -Saiing To Abu Simbel

Relish a tasty breakfast, Resume your cruise trip with your masterly guide to visit to Amada temple, Amada Temple is the oldest Egyptian temple in Nubia, was firstly it was erected by Pharaoh Thamos III of Dynasty 18 and dedicated to Amun and Ri-Hurakhti.  His sons and successors  accomplished the temple ornament plan. During Tal El Amarna period, Akhenaten erased name of Amun throughout the temple but later restored by Seti I, Proceed Nile trip to  Derr , The Derr or el-Derr temple is a speos or rock-cut Nubian temple in South Egypt. The Derr temple was built by king RamesesII during New Kingdom, Now You will start to think why all these temples for Ramssess II in South Egypt so far from his capital, and so far from the main temples of god Amon in Thebes? Your guide will answer all your questions, Prepare yourself to see the jewel of the crown of Ramsses II temples when you arrive to Abu Simbel, Proceed Cruise tour to the tomb of Penout, Penout who was once a Viceroy of Kush during the reign of Ramesses VI, There were other 500 tombs in the area but were lost, That is why Penout tomb is a unique example as it is the only extant tomb of its kind and provides a rare glimpse into the way Egyptian rulers honored their pubblic servants in the afterlife, Eugenie boat proceed sailing to Kasr Ibrim ( Ibrahim palace). Tour to visit Kasr Ibrim fortress. Sailing from Kasr Ibrim to Abu Simbel. Enjoy your lunch meal,The boat purvey a tempting selection of luscious buffet style dishes, proceed sailing to Abu Simbel, Enjoy the calming, romantic atmosphere and incredible views of a water front stay on board lake Nasser boat  will wash away your daily stresses, Arrival Abu Simbel, Tour to visit the Abu Simbel temples, dedicated to Ramesses II king and his wife Nefertari. Attend the Sound & Light show at Abu Simbel temples (non-compulsory, ticket not included). Candlelight dinner on board and overnight.

Day 13:  (Abu Simbel) Cairo -End of Cruise Trip - Back to Cairo

Breakfast on board, Disembarkation, transfer to Abu Simbel airport, fly to Cairo, Arrival Cairo, you will be met and escorted to your hotel by our tour manager, On the way to the hotel one stop to try the famous Egyptian meal at Abu Tarek restaurant or similar, Remainder of the day for leisure
Breakfast - Lunch

Day 14 Coptic Cairo tour and The Egyptian museum tour
Walk where Moses and Jesus walked through our day tour to Old Cairo, Masr El Qadima or Old Cairo is a puzzling city to explore! Touring the most spellbinding landmarks of the Coptic, Jewishm Christian and Islamic Cairo,Your masterly tour guide will take you in a tour to visit Old Cairo that known as Christian Coptic , the most remarkable places visited by the Holy Family where Jesus the Child took shelter in 2 grottos above which the church of Abu serga (St. Sergious) and Saint Mar Gerges were established. Stir tour to see the glamorous Hanging church and ruins of abilion fortres, then the old Jewish synagogue Ben ezra synagogue, it is the place where the wife of the Pharaoh found Moses the child in a basket sailing on the river Nile, The Nile is really a historical and iconic destination, Enjoy your lunch in Felfela West El Balad, walking about 10 or 15 minutes to arrive Tahrir square and the Egyptian museum ( Car is available, but we suggest walking just to see Cairo downtown, So the 2 options are available for you. After lunch in a local restaurant. Continue your exploration and visit the Egyptian museum in Tahrir square, transfer back to your hotel
Overnight in Cairo

Day 15 Final departure


    - All airports meet and assist service and transfers by Worldtouradvice tour manager and modern coach
    - 4 nights accommodation in hotel in Cairo B.B
    - 4 nights Accommodation in 5 stars Nile cruise full board
    - 3 nights accommodation in Eugenie Lake Nasser cruise or similar
    - 3 nights accommodation in Hurghada all'inclusive
    - All tours as per itinerary including expert tour guides, Modern Ac cars for transfers and entrance fees
    - A ll meals as per itinerary
    - Mineral water during Cairo day tours
    - Private tour guide ( Expert in Egyptology ) in Cairo and during Nile cruise trips
    - Expert in Egyptology tour guide during lake Nasser cruise trips ( with group )


    - Optional tours such as entry in Cheops pyramid, mummies room, Sound and light show
    - Anything not mentioned above
    - Tipping kitty, Recommended not obligatory


Children policy: 6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the price

0 - 05.99 is 100 % Free of Charge

What to carry with you?

Passport valid for More than 6 months

Cotton or linen clothes in summer and Warm clothes in winter

Hat, Sunblock, Sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

Camera / Video Camera Mobile phone is better if you have what sup application to be easier to contact you

Note: There will be extra during the peak periods (New Year, Easter & Christmas)

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