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Marsa Alam Red Sea Tours offer you one of best Red Sea travel packages ( Marsa Alam and Nile Cruise Holiday ) Breath the history and relish Marsa Alam crystal water and unblemished beaches of Marsa Alam, Discover under water world and scout Egypt  with Nile cruise tours to explore Pharaohs land ( Miser ). Marsa Alam tour package give chance to visit Cairo and Giza Pyramids. add a memorable taste of history to your Red sea and snorkeling trip or beach holiday in Marsa Alam


Day 1 Arrival Cairo - Start your Marsa Alam and Nile cruise holiday
Meet and assist by World tour advice representative upon your arrival to Cairo airport, transfer to your hotel in Cairo by modern AC van, free time for leisure or optional tour to attend Sound and light show in pyramids area
Overnight in Cairo

Day 2 Egyptian pyramids tour and Memphis tour
Relish a tasty breakfast in your hotel in Cairo, Be ready for a lifetime tour in Cairo, worldtouradvice skillful, long experienced, patient & friendly tour guide will be happy to accompany you through your day tours in Cairo , now we will make all your wishes come true to reconnoiter the secrets of the Pyramids of Giza,The ancient Egyptian pharaohs believed in the afterlife and this was why they erected such huge Pyramids to guard the bodies of the deceased after death. You will show round to the three Pyramids of Giza of kings Cheops (Khufu), Chephren (Khafre) & the smallest one Mekernius (Menkaure),head for viewing Sphinx ( Abu El Hol ), the biggest statue of one piece in the world, head of a man representing brain power and body and muscles of a lion representing body power , proceed to the Valley temple, having your lunch in a high quality local restaurant, keep moving to Memphis,
Memphis, Memphis or ( Manf ) is located 22 kilometers south Giza pyramids in a small Egyptian village ( El Badr Sheen ), Memphis was the first capital erected in Egypt after unification between Upper and lower Egypt, It was surrounded by a white stunning wall, that is why it was called ( Inbu Hedg ) which means the white walls, then Mn Nefer ( The stunning place ), Now most of the elements of the ancient city were lost, but there are few important things to see in its opened museum, The main things to see in Memphis are the huge statue of Ramses II, the alabaster Sphinx, the triad of Memphis ( Ptah, Sekhmet and Khonsu )under the Sycamore tree in the museum garden , The sycamore tree was a holy tree for ancient Egyptian,
Proceed tour to Saqqara complex, the step pyramid of Saqqara is important landmark in the pyramids building process in ancient Egypt, Amuse yourself during the tour to Saqqara complex, the step pyramid of Saqqara ( King Zoser Pyramid ) is important landmark in the pyramids building process in ancient Egypt, Visit Teti pyramid, the Heb sed building, and Kagemni mastaba, finally World Tour advice tour guide will accompany you to your hotel

Day 3 Fly from Cairo to Aswan - Nile cruise holiday - Aswan Tours
Early breakfast, meet world tour advice representative, transfer to Cairo airport, fly to Aswan , World Tour Advice representative will confront you upon your arrival  at Aswan airport and Help you in all your steps, In case you want to join the option tours to Abu Simbel , you had to book it with our tour operator before your arrival to Aswan, and enjoy Abu Simbel tours upon arrival, then direct transfer you to your deluxe Nile Cruise , Embarkation in afternoon before Lunch, Lunch will be served on board. Start your Nile cruise tours to reconnoiter Aswan Sightseeing visit High dam which was built to Protect the water of the River Nile and produce electricity, Resume the tour to visit the  Philae  temple which was built about  2000 years ago, Proceed tour to visit Aswan Granite quarries and the unfinished obelisk, back to the cruise ship and enjoy the afternoon tea, Dinner will be served on board, At night Enjoy a Nubian folkloric Show.
Overnight in Aswan.

Day 4 Nile Cruise Holiday  Kom Ombo Tours
Have a Nice Day and Take your breakfast on board Steigenberger Minerva Nile Cruise, start sailing from Aswan to Kom Ombo lunch meal will be served on board during the sailing time, arrival to Kom Ombo,  guided tour to Kom Ombo Temple which is Quite extraordinary and it consists in fact out of two temples; Sailing from Kom Ombo to Edfu, Guided tour to visit Edfu Temple which is Dedicated to the worship of the god Horus, the temple is famous for its 36 meters height pylon and the wonderful statues of the falcon god, Horus, Lunch will be served on board, Have your afternoon tea, Dinner will be served on board, Egyptian Galabiya Party Overnight in Esna.

Day 5 Nile Cruise  West Bank Tours
Breakfast will be served on board, Visit to the West Bank (Valley of the Kings, the temple of Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon), In valley of kings You will visit the tombs curved in the mountains to be burial place for Egyptian pharaohs starting from New kigdom, New kingdom Pharaohs stopped building pyramids to be their tombs and they chose to make their tombs in hidden secret place ( valley of kings), because during the Intermediate period in Egypt most pyramids were attcked and mummies and treasures were stolen, during the tour to valley of kings your guide will show you the best 3 exapmples of tombs, and he will give you
extra free time if you are interested in visiting King Tut Ankh Amon tomb with extra ticket, then going to the unique temple of queen Hatshepsut, the woman who ruled Egypt as a man, She was the first lady to make a femmenist revolution in the world, and she was saying that she is equal to any man, and represented herself as a man with a royal beard, Hatshepsut claimed that she is the son of god Amon to make Egyptian people accepting her as a pharaoh, after visiting Hatshepsut temple, proceed tour to the colossi of Memnon, these 2 colossi are belonging to AmenHotep III, and they were crying every mornng for very long time, that is why the Greek thought that they are belonging to Memnon , the child who was killed in the war,and his mother Eos was crying every morning, because  a sad sound which was heared from these 2 statues every morning, the Greek thought that the 2 statues are belonging to Memnon, and the sad sound is belonging to his mother, back to your cruise, Lunch will be served on board, In afternoon you will visit the East Bank (Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple) Dinner will be served on board.  Overnight in Luxor.

Day 6 End of Nile Cruise - Start Marsa Alam Tours and holiday
Disembarkation, World Tour Advice representative will transfer you by private modern van to Marsa Alam, check in your hotel in Marsa Alam, Free time for leisure
Overnight in Marsa Alam

Day 7: Sharm El Luli Snorkeling Tour in Marsa Alam - Red Sea
World Tour Advice Egypt representative will pick you up from your hotel, start your Marsa Alam Tour to Sharm Luli,Paradise (otherwise known as Sharm El Luli) is located some 60km south of Marsa Alam town - about half way to Berenice - that's if you believe the hype surrounding this remote sandy beach and lagoon.Your tour to Sharm Luli start by picking up you , then transfer by air conditioned car to relish snorkeling tour visitors come to Sharm El Luli to experience a remote stretch of coastline esteemed for its scenic qualities and quiet, secluded atmospher, in Sharm El Luli beach 60 km south Marsa Alam, relish the white sandy beach of Sharm El Luli to scout the coral reefs under the clear water, the slower skulking behavior of solitary groupers or puffer fish, the exotic colored Napoleons and the bright orange clownfish. Lucky tourist will meet Red sea turtles and hawksbill. After your Snorkeling Tour in Sharm El Luli from Marsa Alam, drive back to your hotel.

Day 8 Free Day for leisure in Marsa Alam Red Sea
Relish a free day for leisure in Marsa Alam , enjoy sea activities and optional tours

Day 9: Dolphin House tour in Marsa Alam
World tour Egypt representative will pick you up from your hotel in MarsaAlam, then drive by modern Ac van to relish Marsa Alam Dolphin house Tour,arrival  to Marsa Alam Marine, embarkation to your boat for an stunning snorkeling trip to Dolphin Housestart your snorkeling tour in dolphin house also known as Sha’ab Samadai,  swimming with dolphins and discover new type of crystal and clear water in the Red Sea with C LA VIE Travel and Tours. Discover the spinner dolphin lives in Sha’ab Samadai,
Your boat will stop twice, every one for 45 minutes, Relish snorkeling beside the dolphins and coral reefs as well. 
The coral reef is very stunning and amazing moreover the crystal clear water is one of the most beautiful underwater places in all over the world. the place are beyond imagination, relish a tasty lunch meal on board, then another snorkeling stop under the red sea crystal water. After finishing your trip in dolphin house from Marsa Alam, return to your hotel in Marsa Alam.
Overnight in Marsa Alam

Day 10 Free Day in Marsa Alam Red Sea
Relish a free day for leisure in Marsa Alam , enjoy sea activities and optional tours

Day 11 Fly from Marsa Alam to Cairo - Old Cairo and Islamic Cairo tour
Relish a tasty breakfast in your hotel in Marsa Alam, drive to Marsa Alam  or to Hurghada airport, fly to Cairo, arrival Cairo, meet our tour representative, guided tour to the Egyptian museum in Cairo, It is located in downtown  north of Tahrir square, The Egyptian museum in Cairo is the richest museum of Egyptian antiquities in the whole world, it contains pharaonic treasures going back to 7,000 years & it is open daily, the gold and alabaster trappings from the tomb of Tutankhamun draw the crowds and there are people whose sole reason for visiting Egypt is to see them, there is no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip to go through this magnificent collection of rare jewelry & treasures of Tutankhamun, The must seen gallery in the Egyptian museum is Tut Ankh Amon section, King Tut tomb is the only intact tomb for a pharaoh, In 1922 King Tut Ankh Amon tomb discovery captivated the world, This discovery was the culmination of fifteen years search, which eventually uncovered 5 thousands antiques - including Tut Ankh Amon sarcophagus, the golden mask, the golden shrines, the gilded wood military chariots, Egyptologists are astonished about what king Tut objects 
can inform us about the high technology of Ancient Egypt,Enjoy your lunch meal, then tour to Old Cairo ,stir to reconnoiter Old Cairo, It is the area where there are old holy buildings belonging to the three religions ( Christian churches, Old mosque and Old Synagogue ), It is known as Coptic Cairo, because there are many old Coptic churches in the area During our tour in Old Cairo, Your guide will take you to see Babilion fortress ruins and towers, then tour to the Hanging Church, it one of the oldest and most popular historical churches of Egypt, and It was erected on the top of Babylon towers, There is also the Crypt of Holy Mary inside the Church of Saint George, Visit the Synagogue of Bin Ezra Synagogue, It is thought that Bin Ezra Synagogue was erected in the same place where the wife of the pharaoh found Moses the child in a basket on the river Nile,At that time The Pharaoh of Egypt dreamed that the it will be a new born boy in Israel family and he will be the king, He then issued a decree to slay any male child that would be born to the children of Israel, During a year in which boys were to be slain,Moses mother gave birth to Moses (Musa); so she nursed him secretly, because she was afraid of the pharaoh, She dreamed ( Throw the boy in the river Nile and he will be safe, She did , and the basket with its precious cargo arrived in front of the Pharaoh palace, then the wife or the daughter of the pharaoh decided to adopt him and protected his life,
After Old Cairo tour proceed to Khan El Khalili to enjoy a walking tour in the old market,  finally World Tour Advice tour guide will accompany you to your hotel.
Overnight in Cairo

Day 12 Free day for optional tour
Enjoy your breakfast, free day for optional tour or free day for leisure, Optional tour to Fayoum oasi or to Alexandria
Overnight in Cairo

Day 13 Final Departure
Meet and assist by world tour advice, direct transfer by modern AC van to Cairo airport for final departure 


    Marsa Alam & Nile Cruise Tour Includes
    Meet and assist service upon your arrival to Cairo airport by worldtouradvice
    Accommodation 4 nights in Cairo B.B
    Accommodation 5 nights in Marsa Alam allinclusive
    Accommodation 3 nights in Nile cruise Full board
    All Cairo tours as per itinerary including entrance fees, lunch meals, guides and private transfers
    Marsa Alam tours as per itinerary
    Luxor Edfu , Kom Ombo and Aswan tours as per itinerary
    All tours transfers by private modern Ac van
    All tours are guide tours by professional guide
    All entrance fees to all mentioned places 
    Flight ticket Cairo Aswan- Marsa Alam Cairo
    Transfer by private modern Ac van from Luxor to MarsaAlam


    Marsa Alam and Nile Cruise Tour Excludes
    International flights tickets
    Optional tours
    Tipping kitty, recommended but not obligatory
    Anything not mentioned in our tour itinerary


Children policy: 6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the price

0 - 05.99 is 100 % Free of Charge

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Passport valid for More than 6 months

Cotton or linen clothes in summer and Warm clothes in winter

Hat, Sunblock, Sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

Camera / Video Camera Mobile phone is better if you have what sup application to be easier to contact you

Note: There will be extra during the peak periods (New Year, Easter & Christmas)

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