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Egypt Jordan Tours, Tour Package in Egypt and Joran, Enjoy a unique comfortable way to explore Egypt treasures, Then follow the pharaohs footsteps in Pyramids, Luxor  and Aswan, the Nabattean footsteps in Petra, great places to visit in Midle east, holiday including Nile cruise tours , historical places, spiritual holy places in Egypt and Jordan, Book tours now get discounts with World Tour Advice


Egypt and Jordan Tours
Day 1 Arrival to Cairo - Egypt Tours
Wow, Now You are in Egypt, Relax, World Tour Advice tourism responsible will follow your flight status, he will carry a personalized sign with your name to enable you to recognize him easily, You are a VIP tourist for us so, All what the discerning tourist would wish, sit back and relax with drink in hand while your chauffeur and our tour manager look after your all requirement, Now Enjoy Cairo city scenery and bustling streets in comfort from Cairo airport to your hotel in Cairo

Overnight in Cairo

Egypt and Jordan Tours and Travel Package
Day 2 Giza, Saqqara , Memphis Tours - Egypt Tours
Bon appetit , Enjoy your delicious breakfast meal at the restaurant of your hotel in Cairo, then prepare yourself to travel in the history and to meet the souls of ancient pharaohs during tours to the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara and Memphis, Your private tour guide will be ready to answer all your questions about Ancient Egypt history and monuments, he is private qualified tour guide, studied Egyptology, Your first day wll be great tour in the desert to see the three pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the valley temple, then proceed tour to the step pyramid in Saqqara, visit Teti pyramid, the mastaba of Kagemni, then drive to Memphis, the first capital of all Egypt which was built by king Narmer Mena about 5000 years ago, Now you will see only ruins of the city, few statues were collected in an opened museum, the most famous statues to see in Memphis are the statue of Ramssess II and the alabaster Sphinx
Lunch meal will be served at a restaurant of good quality, Return to hotel
Overnight in Cairo

Egypt and Jordan Tours and Travel Package
Day 3 Cairo City Tours, Train to Aswan
Enjoy your breakfast in hotel, meet your tour guide who will accompany you in a tour to the most famous museum in Cairo, it is the Egyptian museum in Tahrir square, where are exhibited thousands and thousands of ancient Egyptian pieces, enjoy a guided tour among kings and queens statues, your guide will tell you the most important stories about them, he will help you to understand the history of more than 7000 years in a very easy way, he will teach how to write and read few letters in the ancient language of Ancient Egypt, You will be surprised by visiting King Tut Ankh Amon gallery where You will see the golden mask, the golden coffins and the big shrines of gilded wood, and more other things, After the tour to the Egyptian museum your tour guide will take you in a tour to Old Cairo, visit the hanging church, the crypt of the holy family and Ibn Ezra synagogue, Enjoy your lunch meal at a local restaurant of good quality, proceed tour too Islamic Cairo, visit the mosque of Sultan Hassan, free time for photos from the citadel square to Mohammed Ali mosque, transfer to Giza rail station, take the sleeping train to Aswan
Dinner included in the train
Overnight in train

Egypt and Jordan Tour and Travel Package
Day 4 Arrival Aswan - Abu Simbel Tours
Enjoy your breakfast in train, World Tour Advice representative will meet you upon your arrival to Aswan trian station, then direct transfer to Abu Simbel temples, Abu Simbel  village is lying 280 km south of Aswan and only 40 km north of the Sudanese border, and it was chosen by Ramsses II to build his great temple, the big temple is dedicated for himself and the small Abu Simbel temple which is dedicated to his wife Nefertari, after visiting the 2 temples, back to Aswan, lunch meal, transfer to your hotel in Aswan
Overnight in Aswan

Egypt and Jordan Tour and Travel Package
Day 5 Egypt Nile Cruise - Aswan sightseeing tours
Enjoy your breakfast in hotel, meet your tour guide, start tours in the city of Aswan, meet your tour guide who will take you in a tour to discover the best things to see and visit in Aswan ( The unfinished obelisk, the high dam, Philae temple ), Lunch meal, Then the walking tour in Aswan market ( Souq ), then transfer to your Nile cruise to check in, Experience the very best of Egypt in comfort and style on a Nile cruise, stopping at popular sites such as Aswan, Luxor, Kom Ombo and Edfu, Free time for leisure, Meander through the busy markets of Aswan, Aswan name means markets , and one time it was the main market in Africa, The famous street where is located the main market is called Sharih El Souq,  experience the ubiquitous waves of travelers bartering for trinkets & souvenirs to give them as gifts for their relatives and friends when they go home,You will be surprised when You arrive to the northern end of Aswan market, Stumble upon a colourful selection of local products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, henne, flowers of hibiscus which is used by Egyptian to make the traditinal juice of Karkadeh, Back to your Nile cruise ship
Overnight in Aswan On board Nile Cruise

Egypt and Jordan Tour and Travel Package
Day 6 Sailing From Aswan to Kom Ombo & Edfu - Egypt Nile Tours
Enjoy your breakfast in Aswan, sailing from Aswan to Kom Ombo,Finish the day with a relaxing time in your Nile cruise down the River Nile, taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of the surrounding land visit , arrival to Kom Ombo,the temple devided between the 2 gods, god of evil and god of good, back to cruise, sail to Edfu, transfer by horse carriage to Edfu temple,visit Edfu temple which was dedicate to the god Haoereis, a form of god Horus ( represented as a falcon symbol of protection ) , free time for the traditional market in Edfu, return to cruise
Overnight in Edfu

Egypt and Jordan Tours and Travel Package
Day 7: Luxor Nile Cruise Holiday
Breakfast on board the cruise, sailing from Edfu to Luxor , satrt the guided tours to explore the hidden secrets of ancient Egyptian,
 your guide will help you to decipher the tombs and temples inscriptions, start the tour by Luxor West Bank of the Nile River 
to visit the two colossal statues of Amenhotep III (Colossi of Memnon), proceed tour to the Valley of the Kings, where the magnificent tombs of the pharaohs of New kingdom were discovered, the tombs were carved deep into the desert rock, richly decorated and colorful,and they were filled with treasures for the afterlife of the pharaohs. but all these treasures were stolen, except the treasure of the child king Tut Ankh Amon which is exhibited now in the Egyptian museum in Cairo, Visit 3 tombs in valley of kings. Continue the tour to visit the temple of queen Hatshepsut at El Deir El Bahary; this impressive temple dedicated to the Queen Hatshepsut; the Temple of Hatshepsut, Egypt’s only female pharaoh who ruled Egypt, then back to your Nile Cruise for lunch, tea and dinner on board your cruise and overnight, Optional tour to attend Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple.
Overnight in Luxor on board your Nile cruise boat.

Egypt and Jordan Tours Package
Day 8: Nile Cruise Holiday, Luxor - Sharm el Sheikh
An early start begins with breakfast on board your Nile Cruise ship. Be ready to discover Luxor city, Luxor city was called the city of thousands of gates  and the city of palaces because of its many huge temples with their gates and walls, Luxor is considered as the largest opened museum in the world,Head to the East Bank of the river to visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor.These incredible structures were built in honour of the Egyptian sun god Amon Ra. Take a walk through the majestic hypostyle hall with its magnificently painted pillars in Karnak temple which is the largest place of worship ever built, visit the most ancient zoo in the world in Karnak temple, the holy lake and the fabulous scarab of granite, proceed tour to Luxor temple dedicated to the goddess Mut, enjoy a tour to the papyrus institute where a local guide will explain to you how ancient Egyptian were using the plant to make paper, beds, baskets and more things from this holy ancient plant,, transfer to local restaurant of good quality in Luxor city, lunch meal, transfer to Luxor airport, fly to Sharm, upon arrival to Sharm, World tour representative will meet you and drive to Sharm El Sheikh hotel, check in.
Overnight in Sharm

Egypt and Jordan Tours and Travel  Package
Day 9: Sharm el Sheikh beach holiday

 Sharm El Sheikh is located on the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. Sinai Peninsula is the only part of Egypt located in Asia, while all the rest of Egypt lands is located in Africa,Sharm El Sheikh location offer unrepeated combination of both desert and sea,
Its warm, crystal clear Red sea waters are home to some of the best diving centeres and locations in all the world, and this phenomenal underwater environment along with an array of water sports and a beautiful weather is perfect for both sun and thrill seekers, incredible variety of eye-catching fishs, You can enjoy a free day for leisure, swimming and sea activities or You can enjoy our boat trips to Ras Mohammed or Tiran island, where you can diving and snorkeling  among some of the most beautiful and amazing underwater scenery, under the clear water of the Red sea, You see the most beautiful reefs. About 85 species of fauna living in Ras Mohame park, including mangroves
Overnight in Sharm

Egypt and Jordan Tours and Travel Package
Day 10: Sharm el Sheikh Red Sea holiday
Saint Catherine’s Monastery Excursion Trip From Sharm; Saint Catherine’s Monastery, located at the mouth of a gorge at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt’s South Sinai Governorate. Sint Catherine monastery is Orthodox and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site., this monastery is one of the oldest working Christian monasteries in the world together with the Monastery of Saint Anthony, situated across the Red Sea in the desert south of Cairo, which also lays claim to that title. In the area around the monastery, a small town has grown, with hotels and swimming pools, called Saint Katherine City.The monastery was built at the end of Emperor Justinian I between 527 AND 565, which encloses the Chapel of the Burning Bush ordered to be built by Helena, mother of Constantine I, The site where Moses is supposed to have given the burning bush. It also referred to as "Chapel of St. Helena." The site is sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Commonly known as Saint Catherine, According to tradition, Catherine of Alexandria was a Christian martyr initially sentenced to death on the wheel. However, when this failed to kill her, she was beheaded. According to tradition, angels took her remains to Mount Sinai. Around the year 800, monks from the Sinai Monastery found her remains. Though it is commonly known as Saint Catherine’s, the full, official name of the monastery is the Sacred and Imperial Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount of Sinai, and the patronal feast day of the monastery is the Transfiguration. The relics of Saint Catherine of Alexandria were purported to have been miraculously transported there by angels and it became a favorite site of pilgrimage, You can choose one of 2 optional tours, the first tour is only half day tour to Saint Catherine monastery, start early morning and back to your hotel in Sharm at 2:00 PM, The other tour is to spend the ex night  climbing Moses mountain, spend the night on the top of the mountain,Watch the sun rise, an early morning after the sun rise go own to visit the monastery of Saint Catherine, lunch meal will be inclue either in ahab or Newibah, back to Sharm .

Egypt and Jordan Tours Package
Day 11: Aqaba - Wadi Rum - Petra
Early morning World Tour Advice representative will meet you at your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, direct transfer by air-conditioned van to Taba, take the ferry boat from Taba to Aqaba port in Jordan,upon arrival to Jordan another World Tour advice Representative will assist you through immigration, driving from Aqaba port to Petra . Along the way you will stop to discover the desert  of Wadi Rum, where you can enjoy an exhilarating 4X4 ride visiting the Wadi Um most famous sites such as the traces of Lawrence of Arabia and the famous Red Mountains. Then proceed driving to the north to find the breathtaking lost rose city Petra. Overnight in Petra

Egypt and Jordan Tours Package
Day 12: Petra Tours
Breakfast at hotel in Petra and then you will be accompanied by a guide who speaks English to explore Petra Jordan  "The ancient Nabatean city carved into the Red Rock'' in a full day tour Crossing the Siq which is a long canyon leading directly to the treasury, you can walk or ride a horse or one of the buggies in the area, during Petra tour You will see the silica quarries, where Nabataeans may have mined silica for making water proof cement. Beyond this, on the right of the silica quarries you will see large square cut rocks that mark out the boundaries of the sacred area of Petra city. There are over 20 of these huge stone monuments around Petra, usually at entrances to the city.during the tour  in Petra You will find small tombs start appearing. These were tombs of the middle class. Those with a sharp eye however, will be able to spot an unfinished tomb, one of several in Petra. (right side of the road)
The first major monument that you come to will be on the left side of the road. This is the Obelisk tomb, named after the four Indian obelisks that decorate the top of the tomb. This tomb has two stories to it. The top story houses the tomb proper, while the bottom story, decorated in a more classical style contains a traditional dining hall for Nabataean funeral ritual .obelisk tomb, many things to visit and discover in Petra, The treasury building, the colonnaded road, the theatre, tombs , markets and more, baths , after the tour, enjoy your lunch meal at a restaurant of good quality, back to your hotel in Petra for overnight.

Egypt and Jordan Tours Package
Day 13: Petra - Dead Sea - Amman
Start your day by early breakfast, drive to Madaba which is located about 30km from Amman, Madaba is one of the most memorable places in the Holy Land.  during the tour in Madabayou will visit St. George Church home to the Madaba Archaeological Park where you will see the famous Byzantine mosaics representing the promised land, Proceed tour to Mount Nebo, an elevated ridge on which it is believed Moses viewed the Promised Land (please note that sometimes the church at Mount Nebo is closed but it is still possible to visit the site). So sure You will visit the site , but not inside the church, Mount Nbo is a holy place because It is believed that Moses is also buried somewhere on the mountain, according to Christian and some Islamic traditions, after the tour drive to Amman 
Overnight in Amman

Egypt and Jordan Tours Package - Amman day tour
Day 14  Amman Day Tour
Enjoy early breakfast, meet your tour guide, visit Amman citadel, the Archaeological museum, city tour, back to hotel
Overnight in Amman

End of Egypt and Jordan Tours and Travel Package
Day 15: Amman - Final departure
Enjoy your  breakfast in Amman hotel, meet World Tour advice representative, transfer to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman and back home.


    Egypt and Jordan Tours include:
    - Meeting and assistance service by World Tour advice representative at all airports - ports during Egypt and Jordan Tours
    - All Jordan and Egypt tours transfers in AC private modern vans 
    - First class sleeping train ticket in Egypt from Cairo - Aswan on half board
    - Domestic flight ticket from  Luxor  to Sharm El Sheikh
    - Ferry boats tickets from Taba Marina to Aqaba port
    - All Cairo tours as per itinerary including entrance fees, private guids and private modern AC transfer
    - All the Nile cruise tours as per itinerary including guides, entrance fees, transfers
    - All Jordan tours as per itinerary including guides on spot, transfer and entrance fees
    - Lunch meal is included during excursions in Giza, Cairo, Petra and Amman
    - Entrance fees to mentioned sites in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Petra and Amman during Egypt and Jordan Tours
    - English speaking guide in Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Petra and Amman
    - Service charges and taxes during Egypt and Jordan Tours.- Accommodation for two nights in Cairo Bed and breakfast
    - One night accommodation on board the sleeping train from Cairo to Aswan including breakfast and dinner 
    - One night accommodation in 4 or 5 stars hotel in Aswan Bed and Breakfastt
    -  Three nights  accommodation on board 5 star Nile cruise including Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals
    -  Three nights accommodation in 5 stars hotel in Sharm El Sheikh with breakfast and dinner ( Half board , and we can make it all'inclusive upon request )
    - Two nights 2  in Petra Jordan in 4 stars hotel with breakfast
    - Two nights accommodation  in Amman, Jordan , 4 stars hotel including breakfast


    Egypt and Jordan Tours exclude:
    - The international flight tickets
    - All your personal expenses during Egypt an Jordan tour
    -  All optional tours
    - Any thing not mentioned in Egypt Jordan tour itinerary


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