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Dahab The Three Pools Snorkeling Tours, Dahab Red Sea activities and tours, World Tour Advice Have a Large Collection of Dahab Excursions, One of Them is The Three Pools Snorkeling Tour


Dahab The Three Pools Snorkeling Tours

The Three Pools is a beautiful snorkeling location, ten kilometers south of Dahab, at Southern Oasis. The Three shallow, connected pools with beautiful coral reef. Dahab three pools got its name because of having three natural pools with sandy bottom between three and four meters in one line together along the shore in the south direction and they got separated by a very shallow saddles so the best time to dive is when high tide and before 3 o clock The Tour to the three pools starts from Dahab every day at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00. Return whenever our tourists choose.to drive for 30 minutes (2 hours by camel) to the Three Pools. Once there, you will spend time in one of the resturants in the erea and you can go self- guided snorkeling. You may also ask if you want to visit Moray Garden next to the Three Pools for an additonal snorkeling spot. as it is about 5 minutes self-walking from the Three Pools. You can spend all your time at the the Three Pools and you can return whenever you like. The three pools snorkeling trip can be booked any day for a minimum of two tourists.
Dear Tourist Please Protect Dahab Coral Reefs : If you will dive or snorkel – Take only photos and leave only bubbles - Keep your fins, equipment, and hands off Dahab coral reefs - One single touch can kill live corals. - Do not throw away trash. Plastic bags, six-pack rings, and other trash can kill the Red sea life. - Respect local guidelines when visiting reefs. By this way you will enjoy today and let others enjoy tomorrow!

The Three Pools Tour Schedule:
Dahab every day at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00.


Children policy: 6 - 11.99 pay 50% of the price

0 - 05.99 is 100 % Free of Charge

What to carry with you?

Passport valid for More than 6 months

Cotton or linen clothes in summer and Warm clothes in winter

Hat, Sunblock, Sunglasses

Comfortable shoes

Camera / Video Camera Mobile phone is better if you have what sup application to be easier to contact you

Note: There will be extra during the peak periods (New Year, Easter & Christmas)

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