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Trips to Moses Mountain And St.Catherine From Sharm El Sheikh
Trips to Moses Mountain And St.Catherine From Sharm El Sheikh , Visit the Holy places in Sinai from Sharm El Sheikh, Moses Mountain was believed to be the place where Moses communicated with God and received the Ten Commandments.Saint Catherine monastery library is the second big for christian heritage after the Vatican. 


Saint Catherine And Moses Mount Tour Itinerary

 Trips to Moses Mountain And St.Catherine From Sharm El Sheikh 

Departure: Every day except Friday - Sunday - Holy Feasts

The tour starts at 22:00 PM and return second day at 15:00 (1 day) You start the tour at 22: 00 PM, when Our Tours
Representative will pick you up from your hotel in Sharm el sheikh,Driving from Sharm to Sinai desert & Mountains
to enjoy a splendid day trip to the Saint. Catherine Monastery and Moses Mount in Sinai 220 km Northwest from Sharm
El Sheikh, arrival St. Catherine guest house for refreshment and then climb Moses mount in Sinai, Climbing the mountain
takes about 3 hours to climb the 7,498-foot peak following the same Path of prophet Moses, a stairway of nearly 700 steps
has to be done by foot to arrive to the holy trinity chapel on Moses Mount peak, it is the place where Moses had received the
Ten Commandments from God To see the sunrise from the summit of Mount Sinai is an experience you do not want to miss.
then move to to Dahab the Flower Power City in Sinai, city tour and shopping tours in Dahab then lunch at local,then we will drive you back your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. NB: Always check opening times before a visit to St Catherine monasteries as it is always closed
in holy days & feasts What is included: Service of pick up from Sharm El Sheikh hotel and return All transfers From Sharm to the
mountain by air-conditioned mini-bus
Who is Saint Catherine , Brief about her life 
The Holy Great Martyr Catherine was the girl of Constus, the legislative leader of Alexandrian Egypt amid the rule of the sovereign Maximian (305-313). Living in the capital, the focal point of Hellenistic learning, and she had of an uncommon charm and cleverness, Catherine got a phenomenal Learning, concentrate the works of the best savants and educators of times long past. Young fellows from the most commendable groups of the domain looked for the hand of the wonderful Catherine, however she was not keen on any of them. She told her parents that she would go into marriage just with somebody who outperformed her in respectability, riches, attractiveness and shrewdness.
 Catherine's mom, a hidden Christian, sent her to her own particular profound Father, a righteous Elder living in a given in outside the city, for guidance. In the wake of hearing in to Catherine, the Elder said that he knew about a Youth who outperformed her in everything. "His face is more brilliant than the sparkling of the sun, and all of creation is administered by His astuteness. His wealth are given to every one of the countries of the world, yet they never decrease. His sympathy is unequaled."
This depiction of the Heavenly Bridegroom delivered in the spirit of the blessed lady an impassioned craving to see Him. "In the event that you do as I let you know," said the minister, "you will look at the face of this distinguished man." the Elder gave Catherine a symbol of the Theotokos with the perfect Child Jesus on Her arm and advised her to to pray with faith to the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Heavenly Bridegroom, and She would hear Catherine and allow her heart's longing.
 Catherine prayed throughout the night and was allowed to see the Most Holy Virgin, Who said Her Divine Son, "Observe Thy handmaiden Catherine, how equitable and upright she is." But the Child dismissed His face from her expression, "No, she is terrible and unbelieving. She is an absurd poor person, and I can't stand to take a gander at her until she forsakes her impiety.
Catherine returned again to the Elder profoundly disheartened, and revealed to him what she had found in the fantasy. He affectionately got her, instructed her in the faith of Christ, advice her to maintain her tidiness and honesty and to always pray . She then got the Mystery of blessed Baptism from him. Again Saint Catherine had a dream of the Most Holy Theotokos with Her Child. Presently the Lord took tenderly at her and gave her a delightful ring, a wondrous token of her engagement to the Heavenly Bridegroom (This ring is still on her hand).
Around then the ruler Maximian was in Alexandria for a pagan celebration. In this way, the festival was particularly stunning and swarmed. The cries of the conciliatory creatures, the smoke and the possess a scent reminiscent of the penances, the interminable blasting of flames, and the clamoring swarms at the fields debased the city of Alexandria. Human casualties additionally were brought, the inquisitors of Christ, the individuals who might not deny Him under torment. They were sentenced to death in the fire. The saint’s love for the Christian saints and her fervent desire to mitigate their sufferings forced Catherine to talk to heathen vicar and to the ruler Maximian.
 Presenting herself, the holy person admitted her confidence in the One True God and with astuteness uncovered the mistakes of the agnostics. The magnificence of the lady enthralled the emperor. Keeping in mind the end goal to persuade her and to demonstrate the prevalence of agnostic knowledge, the ruler requested fifty of the most learned rationalists and rhetoricians of the Empire to debate with her, however the holy person showed signs of improvement of the insightful men, so they came to put stock in Christ themselves. Holy person Catherine made the Sign of the Cross over the saints, and they accepted death for Christ and were burned alive by request of the emperor.
 Maximian, no longer wanting to persuade the holy person, attempted to tempt her with the guarantee of wealth and acclaim. facing an irate refusal, the emperor offered requests to subject the holy person to appalling torments and after that toss her behind bars. The Empress Augusta, who had heard much about the holy person, needed to see her. She swayed the military officer Porphyrius to go with her to the jail with a unit of troopers. The ruler was inspired by the solid soul of Saint Catherine, whose face was brilliant with awesome beauty. The sacred saint disclosed the Christian instructing to them, and they were changed over to Christ.
 On the next day they again conveyed the saint to the judgment court where, under the danger of being broken on the wheel, they encouraged that she deny the Christian Faith and offer relinquish to the divine beings. The holy person steadfastly admitted Christ and she herself moved toward the wheels; yet a blessed messenger crushed the instruments of execution, which broke into pieces with numerous agnostics standing adjacent.
 Having seen this ponder, the Empress Augusta and the majestic retainer Porphyrius with 200 officers admitted their confidence in Christ before everybody, and they were decapitated. Maximian again attempted to allure the blessed saint, proposing marriage to her, and again he was can't. Holy person Catherine immovably admitted her loyalty to the great Bridegroom Christ, and with a prayer  to Him she herself lay her head on the square underneath the killer's sword.
 The relics of Saint Catherine were taken by the holy messengers to Mount Sinai. In the 6th century,, the admired head and left hand of the heavenly saint were found through a revelation and transferred with respect to a recently developed church of the Sinai religious community, established by the sacred Emperor Justinian (November 14).
 Note that World tour advice organize tours strting from Sharm Elsheikh for both Saint Catherine Monastery and Mount Moses in one day tour, or only tour to The monastery of St, Catherine or only the Moses mountain, and you can enjoy also our Super safari tours to the Colored Canyon and Saint Catherine monastery in full day tours
Saint Catherine monastery is opened for visitors all days except Sunday, Friday and the Christian holy days


    Tour to Saint Catherine & Moses Mount Includes
    What is included in our Overnight tour from Sharm to Moses mount & Saint Catherine monastery:
    - Service of pick up from Sharm El Sheikh hotel and return
    - All transfers From Sharm to the mountain by air-conditioned mini-bus
    - Entrance fees to St. Catherine - English speaking tour guide
    - Lunch at local restaurant in Dahab - Mineral water and soft drink on board
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    What is excluded in our overnight tour to Saint Catherine & Moses Mount from Sharm :
    - Personal expenses
    - Optional activities
    - Tipping kitty
    - Beverages not specified

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