Luxor Ancient Temples

Luxor Attractions & Things to Do

Luxor is the greatest open air museum in all the world,it contains about 
75% of all the monuments of all the world, the number & the history of 
Luxor sites is unparalleled anywhere else in the world,The River Nile devides
Luxor city in two parts, Luxor East bank & Luxor West bank, the chracter of the two sites are 
completely different.
In Ancient Egypt, Eastern bank was used to build the houses, factories & the temples dedicated to the life
because Est was the simbol of life for Ancient Egyptian people, while the western site was used by Ancient Egypt
dedicated by Ancient Egyptian people for anything represent death such as tombs or funerary temples, but because Ancient
 Egyptian kings didnt want the workers or the engineers to be mixed & live with normal Egyptian to keep the different secrets
of tomb sites, they gave permission to the workers to have their own city on the western site of Luxor & of course their tombs.
The Eastern part of the River Nile, there are famous temples such as Karnak temple & Luxor temple.