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Relish Egyptian Holidays, Egyptian Nile Tours, Tours to the most famous Egyptian historical sites, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel, Nubian land temples, Lions valley and other temples, Fayoum oasis tours, ( Wadi Hitan ), Nile cruises tours, Lake Nasser cruise tours to scout Upper Egypt historical sites


Day 1 Arrival Cairo/ Welcome to Egypt - Start Egyptian Holidays and Tours
Be ready to relish a great day tour, our team is ready to deliver truly memorable experiences that will last with you for all your life, World Tour Advice tour Representative will meet and assist you upon arrival to Cairo international airport, then direct transfer to your hotel, welcome drink, check in, free time for relaxation or optional tour to attend Sound and light show in front of Pyramids
Overnight in Cairo

Day 2 Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum Tour
After your tasty breakfast, meet your guide and start a tour to discover Giza Pyramids of Khufu, Kafra & Menkaure,during Old and Middle kingdoms, These massive pyramids were erected by pharaohs to withstand time and also as burial chambers for the deceased pharaoh during Old and Middle kingdoms,  proceed tour to visit the Great Sphinx, head of a man & body of a lion, representing symbols of being intelligent and strong, it was the guardian of the pyramids,while some archaeologists say it was carved minimum 2000 before building pyramids,lunch will be served at typical restaurant in Cairo. free time for shopping tour, Proceed tour to the Egyptian museum in Cairo, Cairo Egyptian museum is the most famous and the richest museum of Egyptian antiquities in the whole world, it contains pharaonic treasures dating back to 7,000 years, the gold and alabaster trappings from the tomb of Tutankhamun draw the crowds and there are people whose sole reason for visiting Egypt is to see them, there is no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip to go through this magnificent collection of rare jewelry & treasures of Tutankhamun transfer to your hotel in Cairo
Overnight in Cairo
Day 3  Travel from Cairo to Luxor, Egyptian Nile Tour
After a tasty breakfast, meet world tour advice representative, transfer to Cairo airport, fly to Luxor, arrival to Luxor airport, meet other World tour advice representative, meet your private expert tour guide and start a tour to discover Luxor historical sites, With history that extends for more than 5000 years, World Tour Advice invite travelers and history buffs to relish a day of a dream on the land of pharaohs Thebes (Luxor - Al Uqsur in Arabic), our first tour will be to visit Luxor Temple, one of the most remarkable Pharaonic temples in Egypt. This temple is dedicated to The temple is dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu and was the focus of one of the most important religious festivals in ancient Egypt - the annual Opet Festival., and was connected with Karnak temple with long Sphinxes road( Avenue of Sphinxes - Tarik El Kebbash ) constructed by generation and generation of pharaohs, the most remarkable part is the part constructed by Ramses II, It is a huge forest of columns carrying big cartouches (Holy forms ) with Ramesses II names, relish your guided tour then free time to scout the temple, there are are plenty of  courts, pylon, hypostyle halls, huge statues, obelisks, and the holy lake, Dont miss the chance to make a wish when you see the big granite scarab close to the sacred lake, Karnak Temple is among the most amazing historical sites in Egypt, after the tour drive to your floating hotel ( Nile cruise ), check in, relish a lunch meal on board, free time for leisure
Accommodation in Nile cruise ship in Luxor

Day 4 Egyptian Nile Tour and Holidays - Luxor West Bank Tour- Sail to Esna
Early Tasty breakfast, then be ready to build unforgettable memory by your tours to Luxor West bank, Enjoy the breath taking view of the river Nile, Meet your private tour guide and transfer by modern AC van to scout the kingdom of other life, The famous tombs of Pharaohs of New kingdom in valley of kings, visit three tombs, then drive to see the fabulous temple of queen Hatshepsut, free time to feast your eyes with the only thing remained from Amenophis III funerary, temple ( Memnon Colossi ), return to cruise ship, enjoy your lunch meal while the cruise ship is sailing from Luxor to Esna, waiting in Esna to cross Esna dam
Overnight in Esna

Day 5 Egyptian Holiday and Nile Tour to Edfu and Kom Ombo temples
Sailing to Edfu after crossing Esna dam, relish your tasty breakfast, then meet your guide to visit Edfu temple, sailing to Kom Ombo, visit Kom Ombo temple, sailing to Aswan
Overnight in Kom Ombo

Day 6 Arrival Aswan - Aswan tours
Sailing to Aswan, breakfast, meet your tour guide, start guided tours to the unfinished obelisk, Aswan High dam, Philae temple, lunch meal, free time for leasure
Overnight in Aswan

Day 7 Check out from Nile Cruise, Check in Lake Nasser Cruise - Egyptian Nile tours
After a tasty breakfast in your Nile cruise ship check out, enjoy a tour to the botanic garden, walking tour in Aswan market, transfer to your Nasser lake cruise ship.A different travel experience starts from the port of Aswan and Abu Simbel to take you to the beauty of Lake Nasser in a fascinating, different way. Relish a unique sailing experience on Lake Nasser, with tours to explore the Nubian temples, relishing the relaxation and being away of any crowded place, the beauty of blue color of the water and the sky and the yellow color of the desert surrounding the lake, that signs the uniqueness of this trip. Check in your Luxury Lake Cruise Movenpick Prince Abbas with World Tour Representative, Lunch will be served on board.
Enjoy having your tea on the sundeck of the cruise ship.
Relish your dinner meal on board.
Overnight in Aswan.

Day 8  Egyptian Holidays & Nasser Lake cruises Tours
Guided tour to scout  Kalabsha Temple,Kalabsha temple  is one of the most popular Pharaonic sites located south Egypt. This fantastic temple was erected in the 1st century AD by the Romans on the ruins of a much older Pharaonic temple. With a remarkable pylon, many huge pillars, and a hypostyle hall, the temple is significantly interesting
 Proceed sailing to Beit-El-Wali temple which  is located in the Nubian land 50 kilometers south Aswan, The temple name means ( residence of the ruler ) , It is one of the remarkable yet less visited temples of ‎ancient Egypt. It was dedicated to worship the gods Khnum , Amun and Anket, Sail to Wadi El Seboua (  which means The lions valley temple). Lunch on board. Tea time. Cocktail party. Dinner on board. Overnight in Wadi El Seboua,SailTo Wadi El Seboua.
Lunch on board.
Tea time.
Cocktail party.
Dinner on board.
Overnight in Wadi El Seboua.

Day 10 Egyptian and Nubian temples Tours from Nasser lake cruise 
Visit the Temple of Wadi El Seboua ( The lions valley temple ), this temple hosts a small avenue of sphinxes with lions bodies that the complex was actually named after. The temple was Constructed by Ramses II. Enjoy the happiness of sailing on lake Nasser, Your cruise will Sail to Amada. Visit Amada temple Constructed by Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep II , It was dedicated to the worship of god Amun-Ra, Amada temple complex is the oldest existing Nubian temple in Egypt with some features that are finely preserved.
.then visit Derr, go on to explore the Tomb of Pennout; the tomb is featured with some marvelous wall colors and scenes from the Pharaonic mortuary rituals Enjoy Nubian Show. ( Nubia is a region along the Nile river located in what is today northern Sudan and southern Egypt. It was one of the earliest civilizations of ancient Africa )
Overnight in Amada.

 Day 11 Egyptian and Nubian temples Tours from Nasser lake cruise 
 Sail to Kasr Ibrim. Sailing on lake Nasser is like being in other world, a great kingdom of water, desert, isolated temples and silence, it is a good choice for travellers who need relaxation, Enjoy sailing to Kasr Ibrim ( Ibraim ) then you will see the temple frm the cruise ship sundeck, because it is not allowed to enter it, Overview Kasr Ibrim.
Proceed sailing to Abu Simbel temple With an explorer mood but also with the appetite to discover the beauty of pure sailing, accompanied by your tour guide, our cruise will proceed sailing to Abu Simbel,Upon arrival, Relish a guided tour to Abu Simbel temple, one of the most marvelous examples of huge Pharaonic monuments in Egypt. Built by Ramses II in the 13th century BC, Abu Simbel complex consists of two rock-cut temples. The larger is the Temple of Amun and the smaller is the Temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor and queen Nefertari. Optional visit to Sound & Light show. Overnight at Abu Simbel.

Day 12 Egyptian Holidays, Check out of Lake Cruise, Fly to Cairo
After your tasty breakfast, free time meet your World tour advice representative, direct transfer you to airport to fly to Cairo. upon arrival to Cairo World tour advice operator will meet you, tour to Old Cairo, lunch meal, direct transfer to your hotel in Cairo
Overnight in Cairo

Day 13 Egyptian tour to Saqqara and Dahshur pyramids
Relish a tasty breakfast in your hotel, meet your private tour guide, Scout the great area of Saqqara where is located the first pyramid ever built in the world and the first big construction of stones in the world ( The step pyramid ), visit the Heb sed building, enter in Teti pyramid and in Kagemni mastaba, proceed to Dahshur to see the red pyramid which is the first real pyramid built in all Egypt, then the bent pyramid, both of them are belonging to king Snefru father of Ceops, lunch meal, back to hotel
Overnight in Cairo

Day 14 Egyptian Tour to Fayoum Oasis
Away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo city, drive  to El Fayoum ( Fayum ) oasis, Guided tour to scout the ruins of the old city in El fayoum that belongs to Coptic and Roman periods. tour to Maydoum pyramid, lahoon pyramid, After that drive to Fayoum lakes ( Qaroun lake, one of the natural and oldest lakes in the world and it is the third largest lake in Egypt, Tour to visit Qaroun temple, 
Proceed to Wadi Rayan lakes where are located the waterfalls )  and take best photos with El fayoum natural views, Free time for hiking and climbing El Medawara mountain, Relish the lakes view from the top of the mountain,  Lunch in a good restaurant then proceed to Qarun Palace, then to Wadi Hitan ( The Whales valley ) Wadi Al-Hitan, Whale Valley, Relish a tour scouting in Wadi Hitan in Egypt Western desert, It contains invaluable fossil remains of the earliest, and now extinct, suborder of whales, Archaeoceti. These fossils represent one of the major stories of evolution: the emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal, transfer to a nice hotel in Fayoum, enjoy your lunch meal and dinner meal in hotel
Overnight in Fayoum

Day 15 Free time for relaxation in Fayoum, travel to Cairo
Relish a breakfast in hotel in Fayoum, free time for walking tour in Tunis village to see the pottery schools and factory, optional tour to ride horses in the village before driving to Cairo, lunch meal upon arrival, check in Cairo hotel
Overnight in Cairo

Day 16 Final departure
Relish a tasty breakfast, meet World Tour advice representative, drive to Cairo international airport


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