Day Trip From Luxor To Dendera Temple

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Day Trip From Luxor To Dendera Temple, World Tour Advice is a  companion During your Tour, it's a powerful Tour which enables individuals to achieve more than they ever dreamed of. Go to visit Ancient Egypt temples from Luxor, World Tour Advice Help you to explore Every significant and accessible tomb, Dendera temple is 65 kilometers from Luxor, Once you are in Luxor Discover the old capital of the ancient Egyptian, you will have the chance to enjoy Luxor Excursions by visiting the famous sites in Luxor 


Day Trip From Luxor To Dendera Temple

Early morning, meet World Tour Advice Reoresentative in your hotel, Nile cruise or any other meeting point in Luxor, start a guided tour from Luxor to Dendera, transfer from Luxor to Dendera by private A/C mini-bus, Dendera temple is far about 65 Kilometers from Luxor, your tour guide will accompany you from Luxor to arrive the temple complex,To enter Dendera temple walk through a massive gate that lies between 2 Roman fountains. Within the mud-brick enclosure of the complex you will see Dendera temple, two birth houses, a Coptic Basilica, a sanitarium, a sacred lake & a temple to Isis the central building of Dendera complex is belonging to Goddess Hathor, goddess of love, music, beauty love, wine & procreation.
Hthor mostly was represented as a cow or with a head of a cow & body of a woman, cows were representing beauty for the wheir wide black eyes, & motherhood because they give us milk, Dendera temple is so famous by its blue zodiac, the zodiac of Dendera itself, originally found on the ceiling of the shrine, reflecting a map of the sky with Constellations divided into 36 decans, used in Egypt to divide the 12 hours of the night.
The ancient zodiac found in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt, known as the Dendera zodiac, has provided a revealing view of the significance of the goddess Hathor and the rituals associated with her temple in ancient Egypt

There were annually rituals at DenderaTemple. The most important rite was the New Year festival, when Hathor statue was taken in a procession to the roof of the shrine, to be unified with the light rays of the Sun-god.

On the first day of New year every year, the statues of the Sun-god (Ra) and Hathor/Isis were carried to the roof of the shrine, where the light of both Sirius ( the brightest star in the night sky ) and the Sun would shine on them.
The rising of Sirius involves only a brief appearing of the star before it is lost in the light of the sun. The event of this union, or marriage, recreates the world order by celebrating the sun birthday, the New Year.
This was a major healing center for people from all over.
After the tour exploring Ancient Egypt templ & history, tansfer back to Luxor, to your hotel or cruise or any other meeting point in Luxor


    Dendera temple tour from Luxor includes:

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    • Mineral water and soft drinks on board vehicle
    • Egyptology expert guide during tour
    • Entrance fees to temples of Dendera and Abydos
    • Service charges and taxes included in tour pri


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